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Takeout for Kelsey as he speaks about fatherhood for the first time
26 Jul 2012
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Aspiring rock star Joby Taylor (Paul DANO; Little Miss Sunshine, There Will Be Blood) finally agrees to sign divorce papers with his estranged wife but discovers he is about to forfeit all custody of his six-year-old daugher Ellen. Even though he has never been in his daughter's life, Joby suddenly realises he's not ready to give up his right to fatherhood and aided by his good natured lawyer (Jon HEDER; Napoleon Dynamite) sets across a wintry U.S landscape to try and see her before it is too late.
15 Feb 2013
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Prince William is planning to land his RAF search and rescue helicopter in order to take on new duties with Royal obligations and fatherhood.
28 Mar 2013
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Kanye West has no problem showing off his ego in the new issue of W magazine. The rapper opens up about rumors that he forced his baby mama Kim Kardashian to undergo a complete fashion makeover, to which he says, "It just shows you how much she loves me." Woah! Kanye also calls himself the "number one living and breathing rock star," and admits he tries scaling back his ego, but it doesn't always work out. "My ego is my drug," he says. "My drug is 'I'm better than all you mother f***ers, kiss my a**" Luckily this interview took place before Kanye welcomed first born, daughter North, so perhaps fatherhood has grounded him a bit?!
25 Jun 2013
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An introduction to naturaldads****, the homepage of fatherhood coach Miki Dedijer, supporting nature-loving fathers in raising children who thrive. Learn how you can get your free, personal copy of "Power Tools for Natural Dads", a 29-page booklet with three great practices to engage more fully with your child.
5 Dec 2013
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A meeting of two YouTube giants as Jon Rettinger interviews Philip DeFranco high above the floor at CES 2014 in Las Vegas. Jon and Phil discuss their favorite items on the floor at CES, the future of drones and DeFranco's impending fatherhood. It's a lot of laughs in addition to a whole lot of technology talk.
10 Jan 2014
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TOMMY STEELE BAND ''SOUNDS LIKE A DOUBLE SHOT OF SOUTHERN BOURBON WITH A DASH OF DETROIT GRIT.'' With a distinctive and immediately identifiable sound, Tommy Steele Band is a blend of influences that brings together the edgy musicianship and rocked-out passion of early Allman Brothers Band and Lynyrd Skynyrd, with the raw, sparse, lyrical sense of Springsteen. Tommy carries with him life lessons learned in his youth, and they give instant credence to his down-home manner and strong work ethic. With family roots in Detroit’s auto factories and Georgia’s clay soils, “blue collar” and “country strong” are descriptive terms for this entertainer. “Family is everything to me, and fatherhood? Well, that’s the reward! I am humbled to create music with a vision but life experiences and my family are my inspirations.”
15 Mar 2017
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Black Dad is a docu-series combating myths/stereotypes about black fatherhood, by featuring black fathers. Clergy, community leaders, and politicians are featured on the series. Season one features the stories of five black fathers, these fathers discuss entrepreneurship, drug use, unemployment, marriage and the effect their own fathers had on their lives. Currently available on Amazon Prime
1 Jan 2018
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Jan. 1 2019 is the Premiere date for the Sky Whatley Documentary release "Rocktown Made Me" Going from 1978 Taylorsville, Ga, to first grade Rockmart..singing on the road as a child to 9th grade and his first group Inside Out, then joining the Rockmart Click, the impact they had on their region, Black Money Records, the death of friends Big D and Cypress, Gold Grill Sales, Golden Boy Records, Hood Rock and Lil Jon, Rick James, Chevy Games/JT Money, all the way to Carpe Diem to fatherhood to marriage to consciousness to today. It's going to be a special event.
12 Dec 2018
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