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Watch in High Definition! Classic Game Room reviews FEEDING FRENZY 2 for Xbox 360 and XBLA from PopCap. This awesome arcade style game has a lot in common with Shark! Shark! for the Intellivision and is an extremely fun game with a long storyline mode. Start out each level as a small fish, eat other fish, grow in size and eat larger fish. Collect power ups and extra points along thew way. Watch out for sharks, jellyfish, barracudas and some end bosses through! Feeding Frenzy 2 gameplay footage in this review shows this Pop Cap game, Feeding Frenzy 2 being played on Xbox 360 in HD. If you like old school retro classic arcade games with a new twist you'll dig Feeding Frenzy 2! Classic Game Room reviews XBLA games as an XBLA reviewer reviewing Xbox 360 games, new and old. Earn achievement points in Feeding Frenzy 2.
14 Aug 2012
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Feeding Frenzy Review. Classic Game Room presents a CGRundertow video game review of Feeding Frenzy, an aquatic food chain simulation developed and published by Popcap Games for XBox Live Arcade. Part of me wants to subject you to a bad French accent a la Jaques Cousteau, but his estate might take umbrage so Here's Some Fish. And they eat fish. Lots of fish. You know what they say about the sea, after all. It's up to you to make sure your fish of choice doesn't become lunch, while simultaneously making lunch of as many bottom-feeders as possible. Because science. This CGRundertow video game review features video gameplay footage of Feeding Frenzy for the XBox 360 and audio commentary from Classic Game Room's TJ.
21 Oct 2012
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Let's Play Feeding Frenzy 2 - Part 32
20 Feb 2018
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Free Stock Footage 2018 Alligator Feeding Frenzy 1
17 Jan 2019
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Free Stock Footage 2018 Alligator Feeding Frenzy 2
17 Jan 2019
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Free Stock Footage 2018 Alligator Feeding Frenzy 3
17 Jan 2019
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Carp gather in Linesville, PA. Throw the bread and watch them go.
11 Jun 2007
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Soon after my freind bought his two Emperor Scorpions, the male decided to go on a cricket-free for all, quickly devastating 8 crickets within a few minutes and scarring the minds of small children forever! Like What You See? SUBSCRIBE, RATE and COMMENT!
20 Aug 2009
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300 alligators ate, swam and rolled over one another in Georgia’s Okefenokee Swamp. Local fisherman Ray Cason caught it all on video.
31 Jul 2010
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*******PerrysAquaticsCentreLincoln**** My brother filmed these catfish being hand fed in the center of Bangkok in Thailand. The Chao Phraya River runs through the center of the Thai capital and is a busy waterway. Close to Wat Worachanyawas and Central Pier he reached the river and walked down a little pier that jutted out into the water and it was unusually busy. Everyone there it seemed had bought a large bowl of fish food and where casting it out into the river. He looked down and there they were... hundreds upon hundreds of Chao Phraya Catfish or Pla Tepa as they are know locally and Pangasius sanitwongse in the Latin. The Chao Phraya Catfish is a freshwater fish that can grow up to 100cm in length and is a member of the shark catfish family. It's a native species of the mighty Mekong River and the Chao Phraya River and is white to grey in colour with black tips on it's elongated fins. To read more visit our blog at: *******PerrysAquaticsCentreLincoln****
19 Feb 2011
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8 Nov 2008
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Aerial Footage Shows Sharks on a Feeding Frenzy in the Hamptons
9 Jul 2018
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