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It is a great low-calorie snack and most importantly, the dhokla recipe is easy to make. Dhokla is also easy to digest since it is made of fermented rice and dal batter. livingfoodz.
12 Sep 2019
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SS Engineers & Consultants are a leading supplier of food processing equipment and solutions. When planning a new processing line in an existing Plant or putting up a new production building we can engineer and advise the layout to achieve the best and most productive solution where the best products are produced. We can also plan where and how to make the milk-reception, pasteurizing-facility, filling/packing rooms, incubation, fermentation, and cold-stores, where to install Generators, Compressors, Boilers, etc. Contact us: SS ENGINEERS & CONSULTANTS #11-49, Morampudi Junction, Rajahmundry - 533107, Andhra Pradesh, INDIA. Ph: (+91) 883 2426845, 46, Fax: (+91) 883 2430819
14 Oct 2019
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If you have your own storefront and want to have the characteristics of your own storefront, how to choose when adding beer equipment? Most of the beer equipment used today is a few beer equipment. That is to say, how many fermenters should be bought by adding a plurality of fermenters from a saccharification tank? Let's take the beer equipment of WEMAC beer equipment as an example. If your store sells 260 pounds of beer a day, then when you choose beer equipment, you need to choose 3 fermenters in order not to be served. Everyone will think that I am talking about it, let me calculate it for you.
14 Oct 2019
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We specialize in cutting-edge Asian technology to produce a remarkable skin care line for all ages and skin types. Our laboratory extracts natural Human-Type Ceramide via the ancient art of plant-based soy fermentation to deliver clinically proven, visible results. Check Lena Lina Sf for best quality japanese anti-aging skin care products.
30 Oct 2019
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Kefir is made using kefir granulas or kefir grains and milk. Because it is made with milk and is fermented so it also has calcium and proteins which builds up our bones and is 99% lactose free. Since proteins present in kefir are already partially digested, so they can be easily utilised by the body. Kefir is also a rich source of magnesium, phosporous, vitamin K2, folates, thaimin, B12 and other B vitamins.
10 Nov 2019
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east is a single-cell microorganism which can grow with or without oxygen. In the presence of oxygen, it converts sugar into energy, biomass and carbon dioxide. Whereas in the absence of oxygen, it does not grow efficiently, and the sugar is converted into intermediate by-products such as glycerol, ethanol and carbon dioxide. As it is a rich source of vitamins and high dietary proteins, it is commonly used in the production of food products including bread, cheese, vinegar, sourdoughs, and fermented meat and vegetables.
17 Nov 2019
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Beer is one of the highest consumed alcoholic beverages around the world and is largely produced using cereal grains, water, yeast, etc, that are fermented for a period of time. Often, ingredients such as herbs and fruits are also used in order to add certain flavouring and fragrance to the drink. China, The United States, Brazil, Mexico and Germany currently represent the top 5 producers of beer across the globe. Other major producers include Russia, Japan, United Kingdom, Vietnam and Poland.
13 Dec 2019
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