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An argentine tango peformance by Raymond and Lily at Latin Festival 2005 in Hong Kong. Raymond and Lily danced to Sin Rumbo in a nuevo style.
12 Oct 2006
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Every year, there is the "Festival of Lights" in Berlin. Where buildings and streets are shown in different light. This video shows some of them in the year 2006.
8 Nov 2006
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aradhana festival of sri ramana , the great saint of india
9 Nov 2006
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The premier animation festival of the Mid-West. May 17th - 20th.
30 Dec 2006
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wild japanese naked festival (hadaka matsuri)
3 Jan 2007
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festival casa
6 Jan 2007
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Memoriae Milites (memory's soldiers) is an association founded in Cagliari 5 years ago. Our target is to show the condition of our land in roman and medieval time trough historical reconstruction and, especially, through the combact art of these times (that we learn thanks to manual of the period); for more information visit our web site. In this video I've collected the most interested photos of our participation at the Bundan Celtic Festival as auxiliaries of Rome ( in association with the "Legio I Italica"). I hope you like it...
8 Feb 2007
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The Trinidad & Tobago Cultural Society of BC presents the Caribbean Days Festival in North Vancouver's Waterfront Park.
12 Feb 2007
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The Trinidad & Tobago Cultural Society of BC presents the Caribbean Days Festival in North Vancouver's Waterfront Park. A must see!
12 Feb 2007
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Happy New Years 2007 festival Rayong,Thailand
17 Feb 2007
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Seen in Tokyo, Ebisu area. These festivals are to celebrate Autumn by carrying a mikoshi (sort of portable shrine). These events are usually organized by local shrines.
20 Feb 2007
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yaron berlad's take on the jazz festival ירון ברלד ג'ז ביום האדום ערוץ שתים 3 בבוקר www.mcmanzur****
8 Mar 2007
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Our Cayman Island Travel Video PostCard takes us to the Cayman Island Jazz festival in Grand Cayman, one of the Caribbean Islands best Jazz Festivals. The Travel Video Postcard of the Cayman Islands and the Caribbean get us up close and personal to the groups playing reggae and calypso, and strong jazz pieces. Our Travel Video PostCard to Grand Cayman also introduces viewers to the beauty of this Caribbean island like the Blue Iguana, the only place in the world where this near extinct reptile lives. And only on our Travel Video do the wonderful blue water of the islands beaches come alive. Cayman Islands in the Caribbean are perfect Caribbean destinations for Family Travel, lovers, music lovers and jazz lovers. Let our Travel Video of Grand Cayman and Caribbean travel take you to the elegant Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park. Our Travel Video takes us the other sights and sounds of the island, so you can hear the music and sample the life of the Cayman Islands after you watch and listen. We can answer questions about the Cayman Island Jazz Festival and the Cayman Islands, in the meantime, enjoy this Travel Video of one of the Caribbeans best islands, Grand Cayman Island.
11 Mar 2007
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Join in the Cambridge Science Festival excitement, and see what Peter Wothers get's up to in his science festival lectures! Of course, Peter Wothers has put together another lecture for this years festival. If you're near Cambridge, why don't you come to the chemistry department on Saturday the 17th March, where Peter will be giving his lecture three times, and a fourth time at Monday the 19th of March! More info on the Cambridge Science Festival website at *******www.cambridgescience**** and to book a ticket for Peter Wothers' lecture, please visit **********/presentations.html
13 Mar 2007
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