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Just because you’ve left a few people on your shipping list go to the last minute doesn’t mean you can’t get them an amazing gift. Kim Orlando, the Traveling Mom, has the perfect last minute gift ideas.
21 Dec 2012
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When luck is not in favor of you all you can do is have patience. Sometimes few people lose it like this fisherman guy here, after all, we are all human aren’t we?
20 Feb 2018
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Here are a few people on a swing shaped like a ship pulling off some nice tricks. Still better than any relationship.
6 Aug 2019
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A few people who were out to make a point and ended up regretting the fact that they were caught on tape.
2 Jul 2006
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I surprised a few people who were playing a game of pool. Windows Movie Maker made the final cut kind of dark, but you should be able to get the idea of what happened.
16 Oct 2006
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Fred Hassen of "Sit Means Sit" dog training (www.sitmeanssit****), shown here training a dog that had already bitten quite a few people. This training video shows the process from beginning to end of first session. Dog is wearing a muzzle to protect from biting. Dog was off-leash by end of session. Sit Means Sit dog training has numerous dog training locations throughout the U.S.A. and Canada.
18 Dec 2006
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A few people having a party.
11 Jan 2007
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Willy Wonka Candy Factory, January, 2007 / PRNewswire / -- Willy Wonka and the management of the Willy Wonka Candy Factory were astounded last week to learn that one of the jokes on the Wonka® Laffy Taffy® wrappers was, in fact, not funny. Fox News online was the first to report on the issue. For full Fox News coverage visit: *******www.foxnews****/story/0,2933,235301,00.html Today, the Willy Wonka Candy Factory announced the dismissal of the company's deputy executive director of Wonka Laffy Taffy wrapper humor management. He was responsible for allowing a very un-funny joke to get in the hands of Wonka® Laffy Taffy® candy fans and there is simply no excuse for that. The last straw was the recent revelation that a second joke that appeared on the back of the Wonka® Laffy Taffy® wrappers was, in fact, not wacky at all. The content of that second un-funny joke is a closely held secret that only Willy Wonka himself knows. The announcement was made in a statement by Willy Wonka that was read aloud and posted online by a representative from the Willy Wonka Candy Factory. The statement is available online at Wonka****. Click on the "Are You Funny" button on the home page to be directed to a version of the video. The statement noted "I was astounded to learn that one of the jokes found on the back of Wonka® Laffy Taffy® wrappers was, in fact, not funny. Wonka® Laffy Taffy® is stretchy, fruit-flavored taffy with a long-lasting chew that you can enjoy for a really long time. Every wrapper includes a joke and the Oompa Loompas and I at the Wonka® Candy Factory are committed to providing only the funniest jokes available." The statement continued, "I simply won't stand to have puns that aren't punny or capers that aren't crazy associated with the Wonka name." The un-funny joke that gained national media attention was found on a banana-flavored Wonka® Laffy Taffy® wrapper. It read, "Which garden has the fastest growing vegetables?" The answer: Flash Garden. It seems few people remember the TV series Flash Gordon from the 1950s. Among those who do remember the show, it didn't really matter either – nobody laughed. Additionally, an internal investigation has revealed more than two dozen candy fanatics and bloggers have used Internet postings to share their thoughts on the disappointing joke, or the general lack of humor of some jokes currently appearing on Wonka® Laffy Taffy® wrappers. Willy Wonka and his team have begun direct outreach to those individuals to address their concerns.
21 Jan 2007
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For the few people that still read, this is a book that is coming out that looks to be very well written.
27 Jan 2007
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Our Newfoundland Travel Video Postcard takes us deep into the culture and beauty of Canadas Atlantic Province, a Canadian Maritime Island that our Travel Video Postcard captures perfectly. The Newfoundland Travel Video Postcard introduces viewers to the perfect picturesque harbors. We hear in this Newfoundland Travel Video the sea shanties. Newfound Travel Video Postcard introduces viewers to the vibrant capital, St. Johns. We meet in this Newfound Travel Video Postcard the caring people of this island and the Newfoundland Travel Video Postcard shows us the power of the sea which completely surrounds Newfoundland. We experience in this Newfoundland Travel Video Postcard, the majesty of the island, with its forests and cliffs and whales and icebergs. Our Newfoundland Travel Video Postcard opens the door for adventure travelers to Newfoundland who can kayak and canoe and hike along the sea and enjoy fresh fish dinners in the villages and towns our Newfound. A land unlike others, a Travel Video Postcard that shows you a place, the island of Newfoundland, a Canadian gem, that few people are lucky enough to visit.We hope this Newfoundland Travel Video Postcard inspires you to travel to Newfoundland. Until then, enjoy our Newfoundland Travel Video Postcard
8 Feb 2007
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22 May 2007
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Here's what a few people at word had to say about me.
29 May 2007
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