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Outlander Movie Trailer Teaser Official. Outlander Movie Trailer Teaser Official. Outlander Movie Trailer Teaser Official.
27 Jan 2009
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Two secret agents (and former lovers) must find those responsible for the destruction of the world's space elevator in David J. Williams' thrilling novel THE MIRRORED HEAVENS.
3 Feb 2009
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Watch Karma Kula, an action packed martial arts adventure with a twist of ancient mysticism. Subscribe and follow the series as the story unravels with each new episode. Watch the free web series online at karmakula.ign**** From the creators of Ninjai: The Little Ninja (ninjai****)
12 Feb 2009
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Io and Promotheus enter the space station and encounter a synthetic organism created in the lab. This organism, who calls herself Pandaro, is a chameleon creature that has copied "Miss June" from a calendar photo.
13 Feb 2009
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The trailer for the book series Ortana soon to be released on an as of yet unspecified E-book sight for free download. This trailer focuses on the advancement of the Ortanian military throughout the course of the series, which lasts 18 books and over a thousand years divived between three main sections and timelines that all come together in the end. *******www.ortana****/....won't come up on google though! type it in in the toolbar!
20 Feb 2009
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Hey guys, I'll be posting the fanfiction here as well.
Horrific dangers and deprivation plague a young boy as he searches for his sister in Emma Clayton’s apocalyptic novel, THE ROAR.
24 Feb 2009
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Simon Rose, science fiction and fantasy author, talks about his books, writing services and workshops for children and adults.
2 Apr 2009
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Simon Rose, science fiction and fantasy author, talks the story behind the story of The Sorcerer's Letterbox
3 Apr 2009
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Video Trailer for “UNBEATABLE” Graphic Novel. You can read reviews and news about it at www.razorwolfentertainment**** Book Description: If you fear life, you are life's prisoner. If you fear death, you are death's prisoner. But if you fear nothing... A young man awakens in an asylum with no memory of how he arrived. His only escape from the padded walls are his nightmares, where he dreams of fighting the greatest warriors in history. He suffers constant beatings and thousands of deaths. Is he going insane? Or is it something else? Beyond pain, beyond suffering, beyond defeat... There is UNBEATABLE. Available at Amazon, other fine online retailers, and your local comic book store!
1 May 2009
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Check out this new trailer for the release of Franklyn out on DVD on the 22nd June
6 Feb 2010
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Full trailer 3 for Roland Emmerich's and Harald Kloser's film "2012". June 18. HD 720p. Release date: November 13, 2009. WHO NEEDS TRANSFORMERS? ;)
12 Oct 2009
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Ava Arganos has been waiting for her double. When she first lays eyes on Edan Mirav, she doesn’t recognize him despite the charged sizzling connection between them. Now united, Edan and Ava surrender to an explosive passion that renews their bond as they battle their most treacherous enemy. Forever Being Jessica Barksdale Inclan Book Trailer Find out more about the author here *******www.jessicabarksdaleinclan**** Find out more about the book *******tinyurl****/l8osar *******tinyurl****/l8osar Paranormal Romance
30 Jun 2009
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