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Historical Fiction Book Trailer for a gripping new medieval novel by Rosanne E. Lortz. Set during the Hundred Years' War, I Serve chronicles the story of Sir John Potenhale. A young knight of lowly birth, Potenhale wins his way to knighthood on the fields of France. He enters the service of Edward, the Black Prince of Wales, and immerses himself in a stormy world of war, politics, and romantic intrigue. *******www.iservenovel****/
3 Apr 2010
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For a complete list of Harvey Havel's work, please visit Amazon****: ***********/s/ref
28 Apr 2010
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The brutal Spanish Inquisition is at a fever pitch when the royal chancellor, a Jew-turned-Christian and friend of Columbus, begins to explore his own heritage. Mitchell James Kaplan's debut novel BY FIRE, BY WATER delves convincingly into a shattering period of history as reflected in the life of a complex, unforgettable character.
9 May 2010
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New York Times best-selling novelist Scott Sigler brings you ANCESTOR, a bone-crunching tale of high-tech horror. Available in hardcover on June 22, 2010, in bookstores everywhere. For online ordering links, visit *******www.scottsigler****/ancestor
6 Jun 2010
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A spellbounding debut of a novel series, Covenant explores the lives of a circle of families, friends and loved ones. A modern fictional account, Covenant immediately pulls readers into the lives of engagingly revealed, complex characters with personalities that plant them selves in your imagination and memory. Set in Virginia, Covenant unfolds a saga in a manner that affords readers to witness triumphs, failures, insecurities, hopes, dreams, losses, and other thought-provoking elements that connect to readers’ lives. From the vantage points of parents, friends, children, lovers, strangers, and more, Covenant reveals various decisions we face as adults, both male and female, as we attempt to find the meaning of our lives, or justify the lack of meaning.
15 Sep 2010
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*******www.belleintheslouchhat****/ - When fifteen-year-old Belle Brayden started wearing her brother's slouch hat, her life changed! Belle in the Slouch Hat is one of the top recommended books for tweens and pre-teens.
12 Oct 2010
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I am the author of the novel "A Soul Less Broken" and the creator at Introspect Productions of the trailer video. I own all copyrights to this material. Synopsis: After being brutally attacked, Catherine Wilcox must discover her own strength and courage as she struggles to piece her life back together. She finds herself falling in love with the emergency room physician who treats her, but soon realizes the attack has left her so emotionally scarred that she is forced to turn away the only man who truly loves her. And at a time when she feels her life is finally beginning to heal, Catherine must then face the devastation of learning that her dearest friend has terminal cancer. In "A Soul Less Broken" we follow Catherine as she discovers the depth of true friendship, the healing power of love, and the stamina of the human spirit.
31 May 2011
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The story continues in this Sequel filled with more danger, magic and supernatural adventure... Available wherever books are sold!
19 Jun 2011
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He is a highly gifted and talented French-English speaking South African published author, writer, song writer and a singer. As a researcher in so many fields who brings life to written words as novels, stories and songs. We wish him all the best for his talents with brilliance meeting a brighter future. Thanks!
12 Aug 2011
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Absolute Midnight is the third book in the New York Times best-selling series Abarat by Clive Barker. It is a dystopian fantasy-adventure which follows the story of Candy Quackenbush and her journeys through the world of the Abarat. "I know that many of you here have waited years for this Hour," Mater Motley said, using that voice that, though it was barely conversational in volume, was somehow heard everywhere. "The waiting is over. Tomorrow there will be no dawn. Only midnight, absolute and eternal." Created by Dog Ear Creative Animation: Jack Dangers Voiceover: Catherine Fordham Music: Mariel Berger
16 Sep 2011
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*******dreamernoveltalk**** - Dreamer is a thrilling military action adventure & paranormal book by Phillip L. Davidson. Dreamer is a paranormal book of redemption, honor, courage, belief in God and betrayal! You can buy this paranormal book online at *******dreamernoveltalk**** Paranormal Book Synopsis: Is the Dreamer good or evil? As war looms between Britain and Argentina over the barren Falkland Islands, Major David Elliott is having nightmares. Long ago, in a dark jungle near Cambodia, he failed to do his duty. That duty was to execute a member of his team. David’s weakness eventually led to his team’s capture. Tortured by the Viet Cong, they revealed the dark secrets of the CIA’s Phoenix program. Forced to leave the service in disgrace, his men now live in the ‘darkness’. What do the dreams mean for them? David’s wife, Sonia, sees them as harbingers of evil things to come. A revolutionary in Argentina before the war, she escaped to America and became a citizen. Now, Captain Alvarez, head of the Argentine Secret Police, wants her back. He devises a plan that lures her into returning to Argentina where she is imprisoned on Los Estados Island. Meanwhile, a mystical creature has summoned David and his former team to gather once more to honor the ‘covenant,’ a pact they made with each other when they believed their lives were coming to an end. Together, with an errant priest, Father Perez, they reluctantly agree to assault Los Estados and free Sonia. As they travel across Mexico, Central and South America, they encounter the CIA, Contras in Nicaragua, the M-19 narco terrorist group and the United States Navy; while all along being shadowed by the mystical entity. Is the entity God or Satan? Will submitting to the will of the entity allow David and his men to stand in the light of men once again? Is the Dreamer good or evil? You decide.
5 Nov 2011
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Dan gets weird emails sometimes.
7 Feb 2012
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