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check it out girls can be dangerous
22 Aug 2007
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This dog got his share of some martial cuddles from his master. Very very good boy, fight well.
10 Aug 2019
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F. Save Boni in Lotta tra bene e male - Struggle among well and badly (the new and last video version)
14 Aug 2009
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Shaolin first became famous because the Tang Dynasty (618907) saw fit to favor the monastery with its patronage as thanks for the contribution of its monks to the Battle of Hulao. The sudden renown of the Shaolin martial arts attracted pilgrims who came specifically to study its fighting methods. However, the more people that sought training at the temple, the smaller the proportion of them that had the time or the inclination to truly dedicate themselves. But really they didn't know who to choose first and why. Some regarded the Shaolin imprimatur as a kind of talisman that rendered years of training unnecessary. Others only wanted to fight well and cared little for esoterica like qgong, erasing over centuries the difference between the Shaolin martial arts and those crude methods on which it was supposed to improve. The legendary Zhang Sanfeng is said by the nei jia schools that associate themselves with him to have trained Snake and Crane style Shaolin martial arts. Another was Jueyuan, who in the 13th century started from first principles with the 18 Luohan Hands, the original 18 techniques of the Shaolin martial arts. Like those before him, Jueyuan used the original 18 Luohan Hands as a foundation, expanding its 18 techniques into 72. Still, he felt the need to seek knowledge from outside the confines of the temple. In Gansu Province in the west of China, in the city of Lanzhou, he met Li Sou, a master of "red fist" Hngqun (??). Li Sou accompanied Jueyuan back to Henan, to Luoyang to introduce Jueyuan to Bai Yufeng, master of an internal method. They returned to Shaolin with Bai Yufeng and expanded Jueyuan's 72 techniques to approximately 170. Moreover, using their combined knowledge, they restored internal aspects to Shaolin boxing. They organized these techniques into Five Animals: the Tiger, the Crane, the Leopard, the Snake, and the Dragon.
28 Dec 2008
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Juan Moreno, Black Belt 4th Dan(Plymouth),Former WKA English Champion/WPKA British Champion and Biko 2007 Knockdown Champion. This clip shows Juan taking the World Kickboxing Association's English Kickboxing Championship Title from Dave Elliot ( Newcastle ). This clip shows Dave Elliot is a tough fighter and quite used to delivering knockout punches, and I've recently heard he's now into 'Cage fighting, but this amazing clip demonstrates Juan's superior lightning speed and superb boxing skills as he easily out-classes him and wins the Title,....This is one incredibly brilliant fight. **Well worth watching........Youtube-Kickboxing
16 Apr 2008
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Do you want a divorce, but don't want to fight! Well I am so glad to hear that! I am so happy to see that more and more couples understand the importance of amicably settling their differences and essentially moving on with their lives. In this piece I explain a couple of alternatives to litigation and explain some of the reasons why it is more beneficial to "peacefully" dissolve your marriage.
24 Mar 2009
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maniau and hollymai are fighting maniau fights well but holly beats him at the end Download here:*******documentdistribute****/jamilachapintw129456/HollyMaiVSManiau
4 Mar 2010
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Want to see Jill fight? Well then...
9 Mar 2011
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*******www.freezerburns**** This Freezerburns Froback was originally published in 2009 This is almost like The Melting Pot for kids frozen foods. Instead of Kid Cuisine creating a good solid meal, they decided to dial it up a notch and let the kid (or in this case, the Frozen Food Master) put this together for themselves. Why serve up a cheeseburger all compiled when KC can show you how to construct one piece by piece? It appears that these Kid Cuisine meals make a bigger deal with the theme of the meal versus the meal itself. Instead of Macaroni and Cheese, its a Penguin hosing down pasta with his homo-erotic cheese gunk. Instead of a chicken sandwich, everyone was Kung Fu fighting. Well, this time it's KC donning a hard hat and waiting for the lunch whistle to be blown.
23 May 2013
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