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Forget global warming! Filthy rich pop stars with private airliners and venture capital funds pose a greater threat to our civilization than a few sunburned polar bears. The hooded icon and his ilk raise hundreds of thousands to fight hunger and waste millions advertising it. Blurring spiritualism and the bottom line, Bono and the lads take Gordon Gekko's credo to the next level: "Fear is transitory. Greed is permanent!"
24 Sep 2009
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29 Oct 2009
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2 Nov 2009
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19 Aug 2010
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29 Aug 2010
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BY NINA MOINI ANCHOR: “Pat Hill is returning to Fresno State but at a price you might not expect.” REPORTER: “And the deal virtually done now Pat Hill says he has agreed to a contract extension with Fresno State but there is a catch Hill says the new deal comes with a pay cut.” (KFSN) Wrapping up his 14th season as the Bulldogs head coach, Pat Hill is scoring major points with Fresno State, after agreeing to a hefty pay cut to help the school’s struggling athletic department. Hill - who made $1 million last year - is taking a $300,000 dollar pay cut in 2011. USA Today reports cutting the coaches’ salary is part of a more conservative, performance-based approach to compensation that a few schools across the nation have taken with newly hired coaches. “The question is how many will follow through and resist the compulsion in big-time college athletics to spend big in search of success. There is skepticism about the number of schools, particularly in college football's bigger-name, more competitive conferences, that ultimately will follow the lead of Fresno State.” A writer for Fresnobeehive**** says Hill - with his cushy retirement fund - is no hero- in fact, he’s no better than all the other coaches making bank. “Is my thinking colored by my annoyance with a society in which a select few athletes, investment bankers and pharmaceutical salespeople get filthy rich while teachers … and other common folk ...scrape by? You bet. I've always thought it depressing that Hill could get that much money … It's what happens when we inexplicably conflate athletic entertainment with our system of higher education.” Fresno ABC affiliate KFSN reports whatever the dollar amount- the players are just glad to hear Hill is staying on. Here’s quarterback Ryan Colburn’s thoughts on his coach. “He truly does put his heart and soul into this place. This is his home. He loves building it here. When we lose, he loses, he takes it very hard. When we win he is fired up. So, very happy to hear that he deserves it.” Hill is still guaranteed $650,000 a year till his contract expires in 2013. So was Hill’s decision to cut back a noble choice- or a necessary force?
10 Dec 2010
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BY LINDSEY WOLF ANCHOR ALEX HOLLEY You're watching multisource business news analysis from Newsy Plumbing company Kohler just unveiled a brand new toilet named Numi. With a sleek design and the latest technology, it’s fit for a king. CNN’s Suzanne Malveaux explains all the features. “It automatically opens the lid as you approach. Use the touch screen remote to activate the heated seat and your fragrance of choice. Enjoy the complimentary foot warmer while you wait followed by an extra quiet flush. There’s even an on-board speaker system for your MP3 player.” And there’s even an integrated bidet with three types of water pressure and an air dryer. Numi’s product manager tells WLUK - even with all this, it’s still easy to use. Mike Marbach: “We wanted this product to be very simple despite all the technology that it has.” On Morning Express, HLN’s Robin Meade reacts to what some have dubbed the “super toilet.” “A foot warmer? Are you sitting there that long that your feet are cold? Music - it’ll play you music. And a heated seat. Oh my gosh, my husband would never leave the bathroom.” But to get all that, you’ll have to pay a pretty penny. The luxurious toilet costs $6,390. A Gizmodo blogger says that’s is a bit steep. “Unless you're a Saudi oil sheik, lottery winner, or generally filthy rich person, you won't consider a toilet that costs half a year's rent.” A blogger at Tree Hugger jokes that this will bring your “business” out of the bathroom and into the living room. “I am excited by this new trend of putting toilets in the living room, where they can serve additional functions as a stool or end table … [W]e are going to finally get rid of that space wasting bathroom and give the toilet the important place that it deserves in our lives instead of hiding it away in a closet.” Kohler has been working on Numi for the past five years. Purchase orders begin next week. 'Like' Newsy on Facebook for updates in your news feed Get more multisource videos news analysis from Newsy Transcript by Newsy
26 Apr 2011
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28 Nov 2013
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23 Nov 2018
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