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Monmouth County Firefighters Comptetion - Hose Laying - Morganville - run 2
7 Oct 2007
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Competition of young firefighters
15 Oct 2007
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My Tribute to a fellow firefighter
5 Nov 2007
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Welcome to the best resource for firefighters, paramedics, EMTs and other rescue workers. We salute to the everyday heroes who have to risk their lives to save others every single day. Find everything about firefighter & EMS from pictures, schools to equipment only at myrescueteam****.
28 Nov 2007
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2007 ING NYC Marathon on Fox - 3 runners raise money for fallen 911 firefighter
19 May 2008
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firefighters were very bore create a flying car
19 Jul 2008
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These firefighters blast away at a suicide jumper hoping to keep him from jumping however, his persitence finally pays off and he leaps from the building only to land safely in an air cushion below.
30 Aug 2008
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parade of the firefighters and armed with France
18 Sep 2008
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ST. LUCIE COUNTY — Cindy Economou, last years county firefighter of the year who runs a nonprofit horse therapy program for emotionally and mentally challenged people, is the St. Lucie County firefighter accused of taking a Melbourne mans severed foot from an Interstate 95 crash scene a week ago. Fire District officials on Thursday called a hasty news conference to disclose a firefighter was under investigation for taking Karl Lamberts foot, but refused to identify the person, saying it was a veteran paramedic who trains cadaver dogs, which are used to follow the scent of decomposing human flesh. On Friday, Fire District officials released a letter dated Thursday to Economou placing her on administrative leave with pay due to an internal investigation of a call to I-95 mile marker No. 118 on September 19, 2008, which you responded, and allegations of inappropriate actions have been raised against you. Repeated attempts to reach Economou, a firefighter and paramedic since the early 1990s, were unsuccessful. Lambert, 46, hired attorney Ray Christian, who said it was his understanding Economou wanted the foot to help in dog training. Christian said Lambert is missing a portion of his left leg from six to eight inches below the knee and that the missing portion was returned to St. Marys Medical Center in West Palm Beach five days after the crash, on Sept. 24. Lambert still is in the hospital. The 19th through the 24th, he was not aware that somebody had absconded with his leg, Christian said. Christian suspects law enforcement officials started asking questions because body parts typically accompany patients to the hospital. So when they got to the hospital and he didnt have his leg, I think they started to backtrack and started looking to see what had happened, Christian said. Thats when they realized that someone had taken it. Christian said when the Florida Highway Patrol returned the leg, it was frozen and apparently couldnt be re-attached. He said only a doctor could determine whether it could have been re-attached if it arrived with Lambert, who was traveling to Fort Lauderdale to pick up flooring material for his brother-in-law at the time. My understanding, to be fair, is that (Economou) has not really hidden the fact that she has it, Christian said. Fire District spokeswoman Catherine Chaney said about 17 fire district personnel, including Battalion Chief Jim Hall and Deputy Chief Michael Bailey, responded to the crash near the Tradition exit. Neither Hall nor Bailey could be reached Friday. Chaney couldnt say whether any of these people knew Economou took the foot, citing the fire districts ongoing investigation. None of the other fire district members at the scene have been placed on administrative leave, she said. Andy Rebmann, whos been involved in search work and K-9 police dog training since 1972 and wrote Cadaver Dog Handbook, said that in training, cadaver dogs are introduced to the scent of decomposition. In some parts of the country, Rebmann said, the coroner can release bodily fluids or parts to qualified individuals. Some people want to donate their bodies for use in training dogs for human recovery. Donated placentas also can be used, he said. A firefighter taking a body part for cadaver dog training or other purposes, Rebmann said, would be unusual and also unethical ... unless it was released by the proper authorities. Economou runs Fully Involved Farms, which provides physically, emotionally and mentally challenged people an opportunity to experience horse riding at no cost to them.
19 Dec 2008
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A Journey Through Aesthetic Realms - Episode 362, Firefighting: A Noble Profession, Air date: September 11, 2007 (AJAR - 20070911)
17 May 2009
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This clip is from www.firefighterclosecalls**** and it features an explosion during a control demoliton by an Amsterdam Fire Department. Hamptons Fire - Home of The Best Firefighting Video *******www.hamptonsfire.blogspot**** Explosion Rocks Amsterdam, New York Training Fire Five sent to hospitals after firefighting exercise gets out of control CLAIRE HUGHES Courtesy of Albany NY Times Union Firehouse**** News Update: Firefighters' conditions: One of the injured firefighters remained hospitalized Monday evening at Albany Medical Center, said hospital spokesman Greg McGarry. Firefighter Thomas Champain suffered a right leg fracture and was listed in fair condition, McGarry said. Another firefighter, Jarod Gilston, was admitted to Albany Medical Center in good condition but has since been released. The other firefighters injured in the explosion were treated and released Saturday from St. Mary's Hospital in Amsterdam, NY, said a hospital spokeswoman. Recent Training Accident Stories State Warned Fire Units Against Live Exercises New York Department Curbs Response After Training Explosion Explosion Rocks Amsterdam, NY Training Fire Long Island Firefighter Killed, Second Injured After Being Struck by Car at Drill Site New York Firefigher Rejects Plea Offer in Training Death Lairdsville: What Went Wrong Insider Forward: E-Mail This Page to a Friend or Co-Worker Interact: Discuss This and Other Topics in the Firehouse Forums Amsterdam, NY - A planned training exercise for a volunteer fire department turned into a genuine emergency Saturday when an empty two-story home exploded, sending five firefighters to area hospitals and a plume of dark gray smoke over Route 5. The explosion, which occurred shortly after 8 a.m., injured five firefighters who were apparently hit by falling debris, Michael Beyer, assistant chief of the Cranesville Volunteer Fire Department, which started the burn. Two firefighters were hurt so badly they were airlifted to Albany Medical Center Hospital. On Saturday afternoon, Thomas Champain listed in fair condition, while Jarrod Gilston was in good condition at Albany Med. The explosion rocked nearby homes, reminding some residents of the earthquake that shook the area just one week before. Those closest to the explosion, however, said they felt something many times the strength of the recent temblor, which emanated from Clinton County and registered 5.1 on the Richter scale. "That earthquake was nothing compared to this,'' said Duane Kendle, whose Chapman Drive home sits about 50 feet down a hill from the abandoned building on Poplar Street that was flattened in the explosion. Kendle was sitting in the kitchen at the back of his house drinking coffee when the explosion sent glass over his home and onto both Chapman Drive and adjacent Route 5, he said. "I thought it was a runaway fire truck coming through the wall,'' Kendle said of the boom and its vibrations. "It scared the hell out of me.'' The three other hospitalized firefighters, whose names were withheld by the fire department, were treated and released Saturday from St. Mary's Hospital at Amsterdam, said Jody Kates, a nursing supervisor at the hospital. Several other firefighters were hurt getting their colleagues out of the building, Beyer said. One sprained an ankle while others suffered smoke inhalation, he said. No neighborhood residents were injured, and there was apparently little property damage to nearby homes. The force of the vibrations did blow the lock off an inside door at Kendle's house, he said. About 40 firefighters from the Cranesville Volunteer Fire Department were on the scene Saturday morning to participate in the planned burn, Beyer said. The firefighters had been doing exercises at the site for several weeks in preparation for the burn, he said. An accelerant was used to start the fire, Beyer said, but he would not say whether the fluid mixture was responsible for the explosion that occurred early in the drill. "It's under investigation,'' he said. Amsterdam Town Supervisor DiMezza declined to comment on the cause of the explosion, saying he was awaiting reports from the Cranesville fire department, the Montgomery County Emergency Management Office and the state Office of Fire Prevention and Control, which is investigating the incident. About 50 firefighters from five area volunteer departments responded to the incident, said Don Krutz, assistant chief for the Hagaman Fire Department. Others on the scene were from Fort Johnson, Tribes Hill and the town of Florida. New York fire departments conducting controlled burn exercises, unlike those in many states, are not required by law to follow procedures set out by the National Fire Protection Association, according to an official from the state Office of Fire Prevention and Control. Despite Saturday's experience, Beyer said the fire department will continue to participate in planned burns because the training exercises are crucial to teaching firefighters how to combat a real blaze. Cranesville and three other volunteer fire departments in the town of Amsterdam have conducted about 10 such exercises in the past decade, he said. A similar training exercise turned deadly last year in Lairdsville, near Utica. On Sept. 25, a 19-year-old volunteer fire fighter, Bradley Goldon, died on the second floor of a building after the practice burn got out of control. In February, Assistant Chief Alan Baird was charged with manslaughter in Goldon's death. In Amsterdam, Beyer declined to say who owns the property on Poplar Street, except to say it is not the town of Amsterdam or Montgomery County. Nearby residents said they'd been informed in advance that firefighters intended to burn the building as a training exercise. Kurt Semon, said the structure has been empty for the eight years he has lived on Drive, two doors down from the intersection with Poplar Street. After undergoing the trauma of a real blaze and seeing their colleagues injured, firefighters received stress debriefing sessions Saturday to help them handle anxiety and other negative emotions, Beyer said. Professionals from St. Mary's Hospital encouraged them to cry, to talk and to do anything else that would help them release the stress. "Basically they tell us that it's OK not to be the manly man,'' Beyer said. writer Andrew Tilghman contributed to this report.
21 May 2009
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Battlestations: Pacific Firefight Gameplay Trailer
7 Jan 2009
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Thirsty Koala - A Firefighter Gives Koala A Drink (2009 Australian Bushfires)Australia Australian Bushfires Koala Drink Water CFA Firefighter Bush Fire Victoria Victorian Tragedy BushFire Crisis 2009 February
12 Feb 2009
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EXCELLENT VIDEO. Firefighters try to search for a reported trapped occupant and a room flashes over sending the firefighter out the window head 1st. No one was found in the building.
15 Apr 2009
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24 recruits; a 5-month fire academy. It's real firefighting. As close to the action as you can get. For more information go to: www.rickysribshack****
23 May 2009
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Video in protest of fire department cutbacks in Wheeling, WV. Wheeling is an hour south of Pittsburgh and has a paid, professional fire department. City officials want to eliminate 3 firefighter positions to save money. From wheelingfire****
11 Mar 2009
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