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So cute. Wonder if he also help light the fire.
26 Dec 2013
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See for yourself
12 Jun 2018
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*******www.survivalistboards**** Racking up some firewood for next winter and some bar-b-q wood.
18 May 2008
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Remember that big tree in back of your house growing up? A beautiful old tree means so much to the way a family lives their lives. The tree is a place to play, a place to relax, chill with family or friends, and, OK, maybe to rake a few leaves in the fall. On a hot summer afternoon, sitting in the shade of an old tree in the back yard, sipping an ice tea, talking with family, what could be better? Or listening at night to the breeze blowing through the leaves, feeling that cool air coming through the screens, making everyone sleep like babies. But our trees are threatened, by foreign pests and diseases which come from other countries and kill our trees. Dutch Elm disease, Sudden Oak Death, and the Emerald Ash Borer, to name a few. Diseases and bugs that kill trees can spread when people move infested wood around- Pests and diseases hitchhike on wood packaging, nursery plants, and firewood. That's not smart. Think about it: Think about it: If we just buy our firewood nearby where we use it -- for our homes, or camping -- then we can protect trees like my old oak. For generations to come.
29 Jul 2008
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Our forests are under attack. Invasive foreign pests and diseases come into this country and kill trees. Fewer trees mean more pollution in our drinking water. Kepping forests healthy means keeping people healthy. Dont move firewood.
29 Jul 2008
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Poor guy, try as he may, he can't seem to get the job done!
7 Feb 2009
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*******www.survivalistboards**** Cutting up a tree for some firewood and wood for my bar-b-q pit. The chainsaw is a stihl timbersports.
20 Mar 2009
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Don't Move Firewood: The Smith family goes camping but bring an uninvited guest in their pile of firewood. See why you shouldn't transport firewood.
29 Jul 2008
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I wanted to show people that you don't need an overpriced gas guzzling SUV or truck to get some work done, on or off road. In this video I take the Echo into the woods to pickup a half cord of firewood.
2 Mar 2009
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Http://Www.Woodworkingandshedplans.Com DIY woodshed building plans and many more different wood building ideas from small items like chip boxes and drying racks and big items like cabinets ,Tables, Firewood Storage Shed, Storage shed, sheds
17 Apr 2010
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"Don't Move Firewood" is the Plea to the Public Washington, D.C. - May 23 to 29, 2010, has been designated Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) Beetle Awareness Week and the public is being asked not to move firewood. Federal and State agencies are waging war against the EAB, a small but destructive beetle that already has killed tens of millions of ash trees since being detected in 2002. Typically EAB does not travel far on its own, but it can live in cut wood and it has spread across 14 states, because people have moved EAB-infested firewood. The damage comes from the EAB larva, which eats the wood under the bark and starves the tree of water and nutrients, slowly killing the tree over one-to-two years. There is no cure for the devastation caused by the beetle, which is why federal, state and local cooperators are reaching out to the public. The goal is to alert all citizens, but especially those who live in the 14 infested states - Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia and Wisconsin - about the severity of the issue. A significant number of counties in these states are under quarantine, thereby prohibiting the movement of firewood. Because many people are unaware of the deadly results of their actions when they move firewood, here are guidelines to help stop the beetle: * Purchase firewood locally, and burn it where you buy it. * Know the source of firewood, make sure it's local. * When you camp, picnic or vacation, purchase firewood at your destination. * Never take leftover wood from your campsite or cabin back home.
4 Jun 2010
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Keep your firewood organized, dry and away from those pesky little animals. This rack comes complete with a Zippered Polyester cover with Velcro snaps at the base to secure the cover.
27 Oct 2011
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*******SupremeMasterTV**** – From the Gospel of The Toltecs: *The Mountain *The Firewood Temple *In the Region of the Dead (In Spanish) . Episode: 1812, Air Date: 31 August 2011.
2 Dec 2011
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11 Apr 2012
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Click Here *******www.northlineexpress****/fireplace-hearth/fireplace-accessories/firewood-racks.html to see all of our Log Holders and Racks. Melissa talks to us about the 36'' Wrought Iron Hoop Firewood Rack. Are you looking for a distinctive way to season your firewood or keep just keep it burn ready without all of the bells and whistles, then this 36'' Wrought Iron Hoop Firewood Rack is just perfect. It is made of 1/2'' Wrought Iron and finished with a black powder coat for rust and scratch protection, this firewood rack is made for maximum efficiency and durability. Stacking your firewood is easy with our 36" wrought iron hoop wood holder. Designed using strong welded construction out of 1/2" round wrought iron with a simple black powdercoat finish to prevent rusting and scratching, this hoop holder can be used indoors or out and will certainly draw minimum attention along with holding large amounts of firewood. The elevated build of our hoop holder will allow your firewood to dry faster and stay dry, and the installation couldn't be easier. Simply snap the bottom brace in and you are finished. This rack folds flat for easy storage, and measures 36" in diameter x 39" high. Bottom rods are 11.5" apart. Click Here *******www.northlineexpress****/36-wrought-iron-hoop-firewood-rack-w-1836.html to learn more about the 36'' Wrought Iron Hoop Firewood Rack. Please remember to like and share this video with friends and family.
4 May 2013
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Click Here *******www.northlineexpress****/fireplace-hearth/fireplace-accessories/firewood-racks.html to see all of our Log Holders and Racks. Melissa talks to us about the Wrought Iron Log Holder - Black. This heavy-duty log rack is just right for keeping an armload of wood for that romantic evening or just to take the chill out of the room, conveniently at your fingertips on your hearth. It's made of wrought iron for strength and durability ensuring years of reliable use. It has a matte black powder-coat finish which resists scratches and provides for lasting beauty. Its simple design makes it the perfect item for many different decorating styles. Measures 22" Wide x 15" High, making it just the perfect size to sit right on your hearth. This hearth rack also has the added feature of folding up to take up less space when you do not need it. Click Here *******www.northlineexpress****/wrought-iron-log-holder-black-w-1038.html to learn more about the Wrought Iron Log Holder - Black. Please remember to like and share this video with friends and family.
7 May 2013
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