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Bill Ostroff founder of the First Glance Film Festival sits down with Karen Worden and shares what is next for his Film Festival. First Glance Film Festival *******www.FirstGlanceFilms**** Film Courage *******www.FilmCourage****
28 Apr 2010
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Nic Baisley chats with Karen Worden of Film Courage about his time in Los Angeles and his advice to anyone preparing to make the move. Film Snobbery *******www.FilmSnobbery**** Film Courage *******www.FilmCourage****
26 Apr 2010
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Nic Baisley of Film Snobbery sits down with David Branin at the First Glance Film Festival Los Angeles to share some insights he learned from DIY Days NY. Film Snobbery *******www.FilmSnobbery**** Film Courage *******www.FilmCourage****
29 Apr 2010
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Magicka: Wizard Wars trailer. *******www.ClassicGameRoom**** Shop CGR t-shirts and mugs! *******www.CGRstore**** Classic Game Room’s CGR Trailers presents a “first glance” trailer for MAGICKA: WIZARD WARS from Paradox North and Paradox Interactive. Magicka: Wizard Wars, an action game, is going to be available for the PC. Enjoy!
1 Sep 2013
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total war warhammer norsca gameplay first glance
26 Jul 2017
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Motive Interactive has recently updated their platform. Great Improvements!
1 Oct 2008
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Thanks to Bill Ostroff & First Glance Film Festival for these wonderful prizes we will be giving away at our next Film Courage Interactive 4/26/10 at the Downtown Independent. Film Courage Interactive *******
11 Apr 2010
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Contribute to Craig Ouellette's STRAIGHT ON TILL MORNING before 5/10/10 5pm PST for chance to win 'Reel Production Calendar' courtesy of First Glance Films. *******www.SOTMmovie**** *******www.FirstGlanceFilms**** *******www.FilmCourage****
10 May 2010
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While at the first glance, you won't believe what you are seeing as it seems like the man is walking with a dog on a beautiful rainy day, but when you notice carefully, you find the funny man with his goat.
21 Nov 2017
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At first glance, what looks like a magical hose with rainbow light is actually a very interesting gadget. The guy uses it as a brilliant, effortless way to paint the floor. The floor looks absolutely beautiful after he’s done.
14 May 2018
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Butterflies is an Award Winning feature documentary film following the lives of six young people that are prominent 'weblebrities' on a video site YouTube. The film explores the new media, its power and its future. Will the Internet overcome traditional media? Will new media and traditional media merge? The film documents the struggles and successes of characters Lisanova, Mr. Safety, Davedays, Boheme, Olgakay and Xgobobeanx and their hopes to become the new 'virtual' celebrities. Also in the film: Fred, SxePhil, Charles Trippy, KevJumba, Kicesie, Paperlilies, KatiesOpinion, Daxflame, Joe Satriani, Esmee Denters, Whatthebuck, David Foley, Renetto, ClipCritics, Katy Perry, Nigahiga, Chad Hurley and others. For screenings and other info go here: *******www.ButterfliesTheMovie****
17 Aug 2009
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*******www.techwench****/5-great-games-available-from-game-center/ An application called Game Center was added to the iOS 4.1 that allows people to play games against either friends or randomly placed people. Although I am not a true gamer, someone who is will tell you it’s best when played with or against real humans. I can relax to a couple of games on occasion but like I said, I am not a true gamer
15 Dec 2010
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