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02- PART 2: Beginnings and application of the auto-hemotherapy practice: We went to the X-ray. And there was no obstruction anymore. And so he continued to live until he was more than ninety, walking along this street, the General Roca street. He was more than 95 when he died, without ever being operated on. As a reward, he decided to give me a present of two works: one from Dr. Jesse Teixeira and the other from Dr. Ricardo Veronesi. There is a gap of 36 years between these two works, one is from 1940 and the other from 1976. But it gives the impression that one was made for the other, to combine, one to the other. Why? Because while the work of Dr. Jesse Teixeira was limited to the action of auto-hemotherapy in avoiding post-operative infections, the work of Professor Ricardo Veronesi, who is a teacher at the University of Santos , immunology had already advanced much further and it had been discovered that the Reticulo-endothelial System (RES) has many other functions besides fighting bacteria, much more than that. The main functions of the Reticulo-endothelial System are (in italic, text taken from the work of Dr. Ricardo Veronesi). Dr Luiz Mouras comments and explanations appear in brackets): 1) Clearance of foreign particles from the blood or tissues, including neoplasics (cancerous) cells, toxins and other toxic substances. 2) Clearance of steroids and their biotransformation. (Elimination of hormones, i. e., the steroids). 3) Removal of micro aggregates of fibrin and prevention of intravascular coagulation. (This is why I have auto-hemotherapy, to prevent infarctions and thromboses, cerebral thromboses, infarctions of the coronary arteries, because it prevents intravascular coagulation, it removes a possible clotting that might have happened, as it removed the fibrin that clotted the femoral artery of Dr Garofalo. This is why I use auto-hemotherapy). 4) Ingestion of antigen, its processing and delivery later to the B and T-lymphocytes. (The antigen that produces an allergic reaction, and has a great action on treatment of allergies.). 5) Biotransformation and excretion of cholesterol. 6) Iron metabolism and the formation of bilirubin. 7) Metabolism of proteins and the removal of denatured proteins. (Abnormal proteins.). 8) Detoxification and metabolism of drugs. (Imagine, the metabolism of proteins and removal of denatured proteins! Now today when it is known that the encephalitis that causes mad cow disease is caused by a prion protein that is denatured. So then, auto-hemotherapy could help in the treatment of this disease.). Being responsible for so many and such important functions, it is easy to understand the role played by the Reticulo-endothelial System in both a favourable or unfavourable determinism of so many different morbid processes, such as infectious, neoplasics (cancer), degenerative and auto-immune ones.. This was when I started using auto-hemotherapy on auto-immune diseases. Very well, now the sad thing is that what Professor Jesse Teixeira discovered in 1940 that in 1976 was still being studied in first world countries in rats didn't have the dissemination it should have had here. (Then Dr. Luiz Moura reads out another passage from Dr. Ricardo Veronesis work. And he makes comments in brackets): Degenerative diseases: The Reticulo-endothelial System plays an important role in the homeostasis, i.e., it maintains the organism healthy... (more)
14 Jan 2010
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This is the film i made, for the media posse at NoMa in Kolding Denmark. It's about the so called problems we have in a first world country like Denmark. A special thanks to David Fratto. Hard to believe anyone else, could had taught me so much about movie making, in just 2 weeks. The facebook page of the event: *******www.facebook****/pages/Noma-Film-Festival-11-Fall/216931185027090
11 Sep 2011
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