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This person in the video has definitely left the brains back at home before coming out. Remember people, never mess around with fire and flammable objects. That's as good as a bomb.
4 Oct 2019
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PVC cannon - flammable gas
11 Mar 2008
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Visit *******www.exveritas****/ for ExVeritas offering training, consultancy and site safety services such as area classification, inspection and risk assessment. ATEX and IEC flammable properties calculator allows the user to select a gas or vapor to determine the physical and flammable properties that may be required for ATEX or IEC equipment selection or area classification. For further insights, visit the website today.
14 Feb 2013
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Overfill Prevention & Grounding Systems: kunlunequipment**** Email Address: Grounding and Bonding Against Static Electricity Static Protection through Bonding and Grounding Bonding and Grounding of Flammable Liquids Static Bonding & Grounding Clamps Lightning and Static Electricity Protection Systems earthing and bonding of aircraft and ground support equipment Static Bonding & Grounding Clamps Static Grounding Clamp For Drums Grounding and Bonding Cables Static grounding dangerous, preventable Static Bonding and Grounding Solutions Grounding clamps, cables and reels provide static control solutions for a wide range of electrostatic hazards in flammable and explosive atmospheres. Typical grounding applications in flammable or explosive atmospheres include: filling containers, drums or IBCs with flammable / combustible material grounding vessels engaged in mixing or agitating flammable / combustible materials ensuring isolated conductors are fully grounded within potentially hazardous atmospheres and exceed these requirements the grounding clamps must be capable of passing a range of stringent tests. Static Grounding Clamps :*******www.kunlunequipment****/product_fenlei.php?fenlei_id=61 Static Grounding Reel :************/watch?v=u92O1jInAos Overfill Protection :************/watch?v=jvPD6d9v1o8
6 Sep 2016
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Check this out, this is ORDINARY coffee creamer you find in almost anywhere. Watch what happens.......ATLEAST TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK
23 Jul 2007
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testing different flammible liquids
20 Feb 2008
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This is just a simple sand like mixture that gives off a huge flame. It doesnt take much to light it and then you are done. Great for camping. Have fun and be safe!
24 Mar 2008
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Are you aware of what you smoke? You light a cigarette or burn your body?!
9 Nov 2008
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dangerous experiment showing why you should not mix all kinds of flammables gases and liquids the last clip shows what can go wrong.... want to talk to this producer LIVE? Come to the new metacafe chat room and see which producers are on the schedule right now! *******hersheymagic****/metacafe.html
12 Mar 2007
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The Mandatory Standard Adds An Important Layer Of Fire Protection To Consumers' Homes A new federal flammability standard for mattresses goes into effect on July 1, 2007. The mandatory standard adds an important layer of fire protection to consumers' homes. The new standard helps reduce the severity of mattress fires ignited by open flame sources such as candles, matches and lighters. The Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates the new standard will prevent as many as 270 deaths and 1,330 injuries every year. New mattresses or mattress sets are required to have a label stating that they meet the federal flammability requirement. For more information, contact the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission hotline at (800) 638-2772 or visit our web site at
21 Jun 2007
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Colorado Tap Water Is Flammable
19 Apr 2009
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Visit *******www.unimac******/ Now! Flammable storage is now available in a number of sizes and hold a variety of stock to help clean up a various spillages.
16 Feb 2013
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