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If you have a hole in your radial tire or a flat tire on your wheelbarrow, lawnmower, ATV, etc, then this is how you fix it!
24 Oct 2008
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This is the fastest way to do that.
21 Jan 2009
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Getting a flat tire on your bicycle is no fun, but it doesn't have to be a big deal. Steve Madden, editor of Bicycling Magazine, shows you the quick and almost easy way to change a bicycle flat. (We still think you should have a cellphone and money for cab fare, just in case ...)
16 May 2012
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18 Apr 2010
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CMIT Solutions provides responsive, professional IT support and technology services for your business, performing proactive maintenance, monitoring, and backups — everything necessary to ensure an efficient, safe, and reliable IT environment. CMIT Solutions ULTRA Service Across all of our products, we typically offer three levels of service, with CMIT Solutions ULTRA Service as our highest level. For qualifying clients, we offer unlimited remote and on-site technical support for one flat fixed rate. Within this service level, we offer our full range of products, including CMIT Marathon ULTRA, CMIT Guardian ULTRA, and comprehensive support for the remainder of our product line. What makes ULTRA Service so special? You never have to worry about an extra charge when you pick up the phone to call your support team at CMIT Solutions. Every question, every phone call, every preventative maintenance task, and every proactive intervention is included in your flat-rate fee. We find that our clients call us more often. And we love that. Why? Because we can uncover issues before they become problems. Better communication equals better IT performance and better business outcomes. Best of all, your team becomes more productive and happier. CMIT Solutions ULTRA Service is one of the secrets to that happiness. One of the advantages of belonging to the CMIT Solutions system is that we’ve served nearly every type of business and organization imaginable. We know that one size of IT support does not fit everyone. CMIT Marathon CMIT Guardian CMIT Anywhere CMIT Secure CMIT Print
1 Aug 2018
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