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A demo of performances by animator/actor Fletcher Rhoden, now available for hire.
8 Feb 2007
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Arsenal V Manchester United 05.05.09 Fletcher red card
6 May 2009
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The journey of the subconscious content of the Psyche (Shadow) making its way to consciousness (Light). The Shadow figure is still partially submerged in darkness, though partially in the Light; symbolic of "We see through a glass dimly...", and the polarity between the subconscious and conscious makeup of the individual soul. Note; there is an expression of awe and joy as the Shadow continues to enter into the Light. Brett Fletcher
16 May 2009
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Film clips of early last century; the people, machines, inventions and architecture of the past. Reminding us life is a passing vapor and a blink of the eye. Brett Fletcher
19 May 2009
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Based on the Alchemical Man artworks at: *******www.cafepress****/brettart 1. Alchemical Man Discovers Synergy. 2. Alchemical Man In A Computer World. 3. Alchemical Man In A House Of Mirrors. 4. Alchemical Man And The Magic Square. Original Esoteric Artwork by Brett Fletcher.
25 May 2009
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Take One Of La Lune by Brett Fletcher 2009.
15 Sep 2009
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Better Without You "The Long Drive" performing at Fletcher's on 9/06/09.
16 Sep 2009
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Baje Fletcher * A Gold Diggers Guide
23 Sep 2009
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Geoffrey Fletcher * Screenwriter - Precious * Precious Film Premiere Red Carpet at Grumman's Chinese Theatre, Hollywood Distributed by Tubemogul.
20 Nov 2009
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Anne Fletcher, director fo The Proposal, sits down for a 30 minutes interview with Movie City News' David Poland. This is a sneak peak. You can find the whole interview at www.thehotblog****.
30 Jan 2010
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Copyright February 9, 2010 to Libby Nagel I WROTE THIS SONG! Ok so like i say in the video. YES, I am a HUGE Tom Fletcher fan. But not because he's beautiful, (well not only), but if im being honest and serious, I really look up to him when it comes to writing music. FFS, "All about You" is the reason I learned how to semi - play the guitar in the first place. I admire his song simplicity and he puts across powerful messages.....AND HE'S PRETTY! So, once again, NO, I'm not really trying to get Tom Tom to come love on me, it just made me giggle.... LYRICS: He's so wonderful, fatastic and musical! i cant think of anyone but him all day He's a slice of beautiful He's half naked, on my wall and i dont hink i can last another day... Cause he is a rockstar and im just a groupie He livesin england i see him in movies But i know that he is the one Oh Tom, your stargirl has come I have a million pictures of him on my desktop, my wall, and my phone I think he is a god from heaven Im now camped out outside his home But i know that he will here my plee and leave his gf and marry me and we will be happy for all eternity Cause he is a rockstar And im just a groupie He lives in Engand i see him in movies But i know that he is the one Oh Tom, your stargirl has come tom your stargirl has come So tom if you hear this simple song Im waiting at 24601 Maple road in illinois Some to me and be my boy Cause you are a rockstar and im just a groupie You live in england I see you in movies But i know you are the one Oh Tom your stargirl has come
9 Feb 2010
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Going Home directed by Chris Martin featuring Catherine Howe & Vo Fletcher taken from the album 'An English Tale' *******www.catherinehowe****** promoted by *******www.pattynanmedia**** Distributed by Tubemogul.
18 Mar 2010
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