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OKLAHOMA CITY -- Two firefighters and a man with a boat who tried to rescue a teen from flood waters had to be rescued themselves in northeast Oklahoma City.The 17-Year-Old girl was hanging onto a tree near the Deep Fork River when rescuers tried to put a life jacket on her.The rescue boat flipped over at that point, rendering them all helpless."We had to multitask because we were floating for a little bit, but we were getting her life jacket situation and trying to find a spot to land," said Oklahoma City Fire Department Lt. Joe Smith.Another rescue team made it out to the four people, helping them to safety.Firefighters said she was carried away by the current when she got out of her car to help another woman.Rescuers never found that other woman are not sure whether she made it out of the water.U Local Member Shoots Video Of Rushing RiverMember 'yarbi13' uploaded this video of the Deep Fork River from the Brookhaven addition near Interstate 44 and Western Avenue.
17 Jun 2010
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12 May 2011
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12 May 2011
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Water damage troubles can be caused by downpours, storms, a flooding, a broken water pipe, or a sewer data backup. Nonetheless it occurs, it is a significant factor to reduction of home. Water damage Reynoldsburg group of certified professionals prepare to aid you dry out your house or business and get your life back to regular quickly.Visit our site *******www.allphaserestore****/reynoldsburg-water-damage-restoration-company-services/ for more information on Flood Water Damage Reynoldsburg
16 Apr 2013
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The streets are full of flood water current which these two dustbins could not resist and went along. Almost like a couple in love can’t stay away from each other.
8 Jun 2018
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The woman is easily flowing through the flood waters
4 Sep 2018
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This video was taking while standing at on of the intersections between the Zin river and the Arava Road in Israel. The water came just like a tsunami and it took seconds for them to cover the road and go on the river.
22 Apr 2007
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I really need the model no of the truck because my area is water submerged every year. An ordinary truck can't do what this submarine truck did.
25 Aug 2018
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The water current made it look like a toy car floating on water. It was a miracle the car could escape without any major damage.
25 Feb 2019
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*******reginaldstinson**** A family was rescued from opryland hotel flooding waters. Opryland Hotel is the biggest hotel resort in Nashville and it was semerged with flooding waters this past weekend. Police have to evalcuate 1500 people who were staying at the hotel.
4 May 2010
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Oklahoma City Teen Rescued From Flood Waters
16 Jun 2010
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12 May 2011
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