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Accident Sends Some Kids Flying Around the Bus This isn't that video from a few years ago where the kids hit the ceiling, but it's essentially the same thing. So it's safe to say kids tend to fly when buses crash.
3 Oct 2007
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People can fly.
20 Mar 2010
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This woman just averted disaster when she was quietly blowing bubbles when a paraglider comes out of nowhere!
8 Jul 2019
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The People's Program Is Changing Lives Daily Log On *******www.DuranFly**** Duran Fly duranflysbcglobal**** 773-979-7192
29 Mar 2009
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words of advise from the greatest pitchman alive today. *UPDATE* I'm Rich, You're Not *******www.QuitWorkGetCash****
20 Apr 2009
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The skill level of the pilot who was flying the helicopter is certainly boss level. He can land the helicopter for people to get on or off easily almost anywhere.
18 Apr 2018
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Lot of deaths, flying people, car crashes
30 Nov 2007
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A gun-slinging preacher visits the sinful town of Playa Diablo seeking revenge from the notorious scorpion-venom drinking bandit El Sobero - lead outlaw and number one bad guy. El Sobero and his merry band of marauders are also headed to Playa Diablo seeking their own revenge against the town sheriff. Add to the mix a mysterious Bounty Hunter and it all leads to a confrontation of Biblical proportions as they all meet in the circle of death where the lead flies, people die and only one man can be left standing.
9 Jun 2010
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crazy people video, a compilation of humorous flying people put to funny music, this hilarious slide show style video with original music is unlike anything you'll find; a real original that is sure to make you laugh. Check out the other vids from the jeezem series to see how funny, crazy, kids, children, skits, people, faces, song, music, can be and more!
2 Jul 2010
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Luke (C. Thomas Howell), a seedy grifter who owes money to the Mexican Mob cooks up one final scheme to pay off his debt – getting local loan shark, Chuck (Tom Sizemore) to advance him cash to start a Hot All-Girl Website! Now saddled with two debts, one idea and no skills, Luke ropes his only two friends, Courtney (Tanya Allen) and Josh (Twilight’s Michael Welch) into his venture. Courtney gets the site running, Michael brings in (4) Hot Babes – Sultry Sophia (Eve Mauro), “Girl Next Door” Brooke (Lauren Walsh), Submissive Naomi (Christina DeRosa) and Bitchy Alex (Sarah Scott). This perfect mix of girls creates tension, sex and money! But as things heat up, Mexican Mobster Guzman (Danny Trejo)changes the rules – jamming Luke up as the chicks bolt with the cash. Fists start flying, People start dying and all Hell breaks loose. Can Luke stop the killings, save his friends, find the money and get the hell out of town? Or will another one bite the dust!
5 Oct 2010
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*******loan-tips-and-guide.blogspot****/ - CRAZY! Sir Richard Branson is already selling tickets to fly people to the edge of space and now he wants to voyage to the bottom of the deepest oceans. His latest idea, called Virgin Oceanic, is a scientific endeavour rather than a tourist venture. Get free loan tips & guide at *******loan-tips-and-guide.blogspot****/ One of its intended destinations is the Mariana Trench in the Pacific Ocean which, at 36,000ft deep, is further down than Mount Everest is high. The craft has been specially constructed to withstand the intense pressure. It has been built from titanium and carbon fibre with a transparent viewing capsule made from a single piece of quartz as glass would simply shatter.
7 Apr 2011
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