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Training for hard and fast superman punches I'm Jef Koelewijn, 28 years old
2 May 2019
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A jumping power punch hook with a horizontal held fist. I'm a power puncher and I like to experiment with different power punches
12 May 2019
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A new experimental punch from the side
23 Jul 2019
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Mixed martial arts training 2019 One jumping power punch uppercut
17 Oct 2019
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Blackburn lands a good right to start things off, though he’s clearly wary of Heleno’s takedowns. Heleno shoots for a double-leg and Blackburn tries to sprawl, but is eventually taken to the mat. Blackburn gets back to his feet, only to get caught in a bodylock and put back down. Heleno moves to side control with thirty seconds left in the round, but Blackburn recaptures half-guard. Heleno finishes the round by flipping over Blackburn with a flying punch and then raining down hammer fists before the bell. Round 2 Heleno keeps the second round mostly on the mat, landing some damaging strikes from the top position and once even securing the mount against Blackburn. Blackburn continues to show his resiliency though, struggling to get to his feet at the bell. Round 3 Blackburn tries to keep away from Heleno, striking from the outside and avoiding the takedown. Heleno shoots in and gets stuffed, with Blackburn landing a knee and a nice right hand as he gets back to his feet. A stunned Heleno is slow to respond, and Blackburn knocks him into the ropes before finishing him with a flurry of punches. Brad Blackburn defeats Delson Heleno via TKO at 1:50 of round three.
7 Apr 2008
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12 Mar 2010
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