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New Year's foam party at Siloso beach, Sentosa , Singapore!
22 Feb 2008
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Diet**** fitness videos will show you how to look like a pro at the gym. In this free workout video Sarah and Katrina show you how to use a Foam Roller and the different exercises you can use it for. Part 2 forcuses on stability and flexibility, by really working your core muscles. Katrina shows you how to do a pushup and worrks your abs in this video.
16 May 2008
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[Products] China Xps, Foam Extrusion, Pe Fom, Xps Extrusion Line, Xps Insulation Board Manufacturer [Company] Feininger has been engaged in foam extrusion technology and its industrialization for years. We are located in China with the global vision. Nowadays, Feininger becomes the leading supplier for both XPS board extrusion line and XPS insulation board all over the world. [Source] *******www.made-in-china****/showroom/njfeininger
26 May 2008
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*******www.autogofast****/search.php?q=Miracle+Dry+Foam&c=0 Tackle stubborn stains in minutes! The shampoo refill ensures you can keep your carpets and upholstery clean constantly. This cleaning kit works in a special way - the sponge rollers in the applicator squeeze out the liquid of the shampoo leaving the Miracle Dry Foam tackle those stubborn stains. This amazing foam removes all dirt and particles without damaging the fibres. Amazing cleaning power for carpets and upholstery Removes stains within minutes whether the stains are large or small Extremely durable - most stains can be removed with a diluted mixture of the shampoo so it will go a long way This cleaning application does not shrink or damage carpet or upholstery fibres Removes stubborn stains like beetroot, poster paint, tomato sauce and many more Miracle Dry Foam Shampoo Refill also available at *******www.autogofast****/search.php?q=Miracle+Dry+Foam&c=0
7 Jun 2008
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There is more to flexibility than just the typical hamstring static stretch. I want to introduce you to the techniques of self-myofascial release (SMR), or better known as "foam rolling."
19 Sep 2008
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*******BackToFormFitness**** Foam Rolling - Quads, hip flexors, IT band, Glutes
28 Feb 2009
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*******BackToFormFitness**** Foam Rolling of the calves and hamstrings
21 Sep 2008
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*******www.gobedz**** TRUTH Before you buy a memory foam mattress WATCH THIS VIDEO! memory foam mattress TRUTH REVEALED Expert Mattress Manufacturer & Retailer reveals information that will allow you to buy the BEST QUALITY memory foam mattress at the lowest possible price *******www.gobedz****
2 Jan 2009
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*******www.gobedz**** Before you buy a memory foam mattress topper WATCH THIS VIDEO! Expert Mattress Manufacturer & Retailer reveals information that will allow you to buy the BEST QUALITY memory foam mattress topper at the lowest possible price *******www.gobedz****
30 Mar 2009
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dry ice changes to foam and smog
15 Apr 2009
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A video from www.backpain2eanframe**** on how to use the foam roller on your Quadriceps and IT Band
2 Sep 2009
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A Short video by www.bacpain2leanframe**** on how to use the foam roller to roll out the lower back.
24 Jul 2010
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