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I am Marketer and working with Gallery Food. Its every dish comes with a hearty protein and two sides, which will keep you energetic and fueled until your next meal.
Food Fiesta, a professional caterers with an established repute in Delhi. It has acquired a very skilled team of individuals who are highly trained to provide exceptional service to events of all sizes and styles. Food Fiesta will make sure that your event is of supreme standards of service and convenience. So, make your event unforgettable with Food Fiesta!
MULTIPLE CHOICE QUIZ: What is the edible starchy tuber of a certain plant which is related to the tomatoe called? a. Cabbage b. Cucumber c. Potato d. Celery Watch this "Food For Thought" video for the answer!
6 Mar 2007
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Some foods from Rasht in Iran
9 Mar 2007
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If you eat food, you should watch this movie.
11 Mar 2007
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We have to be wise on selecting food we eat everyday.
29 Mar 2007
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Report Stresses Need for Better Patient, Doctor and Food Service Staff Education A new report on fatalities from food induced anaphylaxis, which follows up an earlier study, suggests that little progress has been made in effectively preventing and treating food allergy reactions over the past five years. The findings support, alarmingly, earlier statistics showing that adolescents and young adults are at highest risk for fatalities. The need for more education on the part of the medical community and patients, more attention focused on reading labels and avoiding allergens, and the importance of carrying and using epinephrine are some of the major areas which need to be improved. The report, which appears in the April 2007 issue of the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology JACI looks at 31 individuals who died as a result of their food allergies. This report follows up one from 2001 in which 32 food induced fatalities were examined. These statistics are disturbing, says Anne Munoz Furlong, Founder and CEO of the Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network FAAN, because they show we are not making the progress we hoped to in preventing food allergy related deaths or in protecting teens, the highest at risk group for fatal reactions. It is going to take more awareness and action to make a difference. The foods primarily responsible continue to be peanuts and tree nuts, such as walnuts, almonds and hazelnuts, but also include milk and shrimp. The most common food sources were restaurant or food service items with hidden allergens 46% and packaged food with undeclared allergens 27%. Desserts, particularly cookies and bakery items, and Chinese food such as egg rolls caused a significant number of the reactions. In 13% of cases, the food items were homemade. In addition, every individual, for whom there was information, had asthma. Most of the individuals were not carrying their self-injectable epinephrine, and some had never been prescribed this life saving drug. A June 2006 study entitled Risk Taking and Coping Strategies of Food Allergic Adolescents and Young Adults, also published in JACI, showed that adolescents often don't carry their epinephrine self injectors because they are self conscious about carrying something that makes them look different from their friends. The solution starts with better education of medical professionals at all levels. Physicians need to do a better job of diagnosing patients and providing adequate evaluation. They also need to redouble their efforts to emphasize the importance of allergen avoidance and carrying epinephrine at all times, reports the study co-author Allan Bock, M.D., an allergist in Colorado.
28 Mar 2007
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My friend Vlad came to visit me from Bulgaria and he was really hungry... so i gave him some dog food to eat :D He thought it was pate.
9 Apr 2007
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Italian cooking is fun with Eva Franchi, who shares Italian tenor Sergio Franchi's favorite pesto - the best pesto. Join Eva and the Italian Broadcasting company at www.WebVisionItaly**** to see the very best Italian food.
15 Apr 2007
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Italian Cooking with Chef Frank Terranova from Johnson & Wales University, Providence, RI. Join the Chef and the Italian Broadcasting Company for Zeppole from the Le Marche region and the finest Italian food.
15 Apr 2007
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mexico food
23 Apr 2007
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A solution to the pet food recall scare. Make your own. You can download this FREE 9 minute video that shows you how. *******puppylovedogtraining****/
23 Apr 2007
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Reporters Mason Kelly and Andrew Mockett go head to head in a fair food eating contest to see who could stomach more food! Videography and editing by Dane Boedigheimer
6 May 2007
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It's the stuff you see in movies, someone yelled "Food Fight!" and it was on, the entire lunch room erupted in tossed eggs, smoothies, pizza, and tacos. Apparently a student picked up a garbage can and dumped it on a fellow student. What a day.
5 May 2007
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