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Yummy Samosa .. Channel for foodies.. recipes you love to cook at home.. #Dfoodies #HealthyRecipes #FoodiesRecipe
17 Apr 2021
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Tasty and Healthy Rava Dosa Channel for foodies.. recipes you love to cook at home.. #Dfoodies #HealthyRecipes #FoodiesRecipe
17 Apr 2021
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Tasty Hakka Noodles.. Channel for foodies.. recipes you love to cook at home.. #Dfoodies #HealthyRecipes #FoodiesRecipe
20 Apr 2021
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Paneer Tikka Masala .. Channel for foodies.. recipes you love to cook at home.. #Dfoodies #HealthyRecipes #FoodiesRecipe
20 Apr 2021
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Bobbattu or pappu bakshal, traditional Indian food recipes are also known as obbattu, holige, or Puran Poli is a sweet flat chapati (bread) made primarily with wheat flour, chana dal and sugar. It is being believed for long periods, that Puran Poli is native to Maharashtrian regions and a Marathi cuisine, But it is basically a Karnataka recipe prepared in various ways, but our favourite is pappu bakshalu prepared during festivals like Diwali, Sankranthi and Ugadi. According to the various regions, this pappu bakshalu, easy and healthy Indian recipes are known with different names like in Bobbatlu in Telugu Obbattu or Holiga in Kannada and Puran poli in Marathi Pre-cooked chana dal is used to stuff with the wheat flour outer layer that is sweetened with sugar. These quick and easy recipes (sweets) can be served by smearing a dollop of ghee and have it cold or hot. We usually love to have hot. Othere ingredients include 1 cup wheat flour ½ cup water (or as required) ¼ cup oil (to soak) for stuffing: 1 cup chana dal 3 cups water 1 cup sugar Ghee for frying and serving Know the difference between Puran poli and Bakshalu or pappu bobbattlu Pappu bakshalu is made with whole wheat flour and cooked chana dal mixed in sugar without adding turmeric to it. but Karnataka style Puran poli is made out of all-purpose flour by pressing with hands instead of rolling. They add turmeric to get that yellow texture. Tips to make perfect bobbattu, a continental veg food recipes to have during festivals Knead the dough very well to get the elastic-like texture While mixing the wheat flour dough, use oil for a better texture and to ensure the dough is not sticky. Chana dal has to be cooked and ground well after cooling, otherwise, there will be a possibility of breaking As Bobbattu, the quintessential sweet in weddings is primarily made of chana dal is good for your health too. This chana dal exfoliates your dead skin.
14 Apr 2021
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*******www.therenegadehealthshow**** - This is a popular topic up for debate in many food and nutrition communities... If you're a raw foodie, a vegan, or even someone who eats a whole food diet that includes meat, eggs and/or dairy, you'll want to watch this show. I run over the types of vitamin b12 that you can find in your cabinet, what types of food sources are appropriate, the skinny on spirulina, and where you can find out for yourself if you're deficient or not! (I also talk about the hippie guy on my desk and answer a non-health related question as best I can...) Take a look...
9 May 2008
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Foodies for Obama: the choice is clear! Don't settle for less, don't accept the world and your food as it is. Let's work together toward the world as it should be. Vote Obama/Biden November 4th 2008! Distributed by Tubemogul.
23 Sep 2008
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***********/watch?v=mFD0qpStRWA Meet Avanti Savoia Whether it's small-farm Italian olive oils or traditional aged balsamic vinegar or even honey -- both raw honey and organic -- and pasta, their story will excite the home cook or foodie.
30 Dec 2012
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***********/watch?v=NAGIec9Nuzk There is alot of dishonesty and conspiracy in the food industry today which makes it hard to keep your cooking authentic and even tasty. A true foodie or gourmet cook or chef knows that the authenticity of the in
1 Jan 2013
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Each year the design world flocks to Orlando, Florida for the world’s largest kitchen and bath industry show, KBIS. We caught up with Senior Vice President of KBIS, Brian Pagel, for a sneak peek at what’s trending for the new year and why it’s a “foodie’s” market.
11 Jan 2018
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Foodies got their priorities right. They concentrate on food more while on a date. Because people can't be trusted but food will not cheat you.
28 May 2020
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Are you ready for your next food treasure hunt for the best food in Hong Kong? Hong Kong, which is also known as ‘World’s food fair’, is a perfect place for foodies. Tourists visit here to seek the taste of Thai, Vietnamese, Cantonese, seafood, and other local cuisines. Read on to not miss some must-have experiences in Hong Kong.
19 Jun 2020
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