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Dr Foonks has pioneered a new technique in treating psych patients in his Berlin offices: Electricity! In this 1933 lecture he gives examples of 2 of his patients and explains the advances he is pioneering with Weimar enthuisiasm! Steve Wigg is genius-like as Dr Foonks, with fascinating supporting roles by Andy Petrusevics and Max Axe. Written and produced by Andy Petrusevics.
7 Aug 2007
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The isolated worker, played by Michele Luke, recieves orders to increase efficiencies and double her throughput, while the industrialist parties in the office with his banking friends, played by Andy Petrusevics and Max Axe, in this Weimar style reconstruction silent classic!
13 Aug 2007
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OTTO in full montage performance mode, tyrades against the actions of the banking sector as the wheels of indistry propell him into fierce competition with the world itself! Produced in an agitprop style by Andy Petrusevics (2004)
13 Aug 2007
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