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Phennis looks at groaning on the phone from a sports perspective. Hold your iPhone like a tennis racket and play a forehand, a backhand or a serve and the app detects your movements then accompanies your strokes with the groaning of famous tennis stars or even your own recorded sounds.
14 May 2010
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The Longest Rally Ever Played in a game of tennis in the world till date by HEWIT & FEDRER hewitt federer 3 Of The Best Tennis Shots Ever (Must Watch) santoro gonzales baghdatis agassiblakeyouzhny federer nadal tsonga monfies roddick samprassampres australian open20082009 us grand masters greatest tennis point ever * edberg federer sampras goat tennis forehand backhand britney kylie minogue justin timberlake god pray church hiv gasquet Maria Sharapova Amazing Video Tennis Girl Sexy Hot Punk SR-71 Tennis Grand Slam French Open Roland Garros Wilander Vilas wimbeldon
25 Jun 2010
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streaming live - ******* tennis free live streaming - Stream live - live scores australian open - trueonlinetv Laver was the first tennis ‘professional’ to become a millionaire, the fittest player of his generation and a poker-faced tactician able to hit himself out of trouble with equally ferocious topspin backhand and forehand shots."For a man many consider the greatest tennis player in history, Rod Laver is as modest as he is accomplished. Australia’s most prolific champion, he is the only player with two calendar-year Grand Slams to his name and he also played a key role in five victorious Davis Cup teams between 1959-62 and in 1973.
14 Feb 2011
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*******www.tennissecret**** - AWESOME! Novak Djokovic beat Tomas Berdych 6-1 7-6 (7-5) 6-1 to set up a semi-final against defending champion Roger Federer at the Australian Open. Third seed Djokovic, beaten by sixth seed Berdych in last year's Wimbledon semi-finals, took the first set in 36 minutes, his forehand wreaking havoc.
25 Jan 2011
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This is a video of the Canadian tennis player Milos Raonic. This video contains highlights from his match with Nadal as well as a doubles match featuring Nadal and Djokovic. The video also has a slow-mo of Raonic's serve and forehand.
1 May 2011
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The proper racket grips in Badminton include the forehand and backhand grips. Improve your badminton racket grip with help from a badminton coach in this free video on badminton. Expert: Nghia Tran Contact: www.eastbaybadminton**** Bio: Coach Nghia Tran has coached the University of California, Berkeley badminton team to a 2010 collegiate nationals win. Filmmaker: Bing Hugh Series Description: Badminton includes a variety of shots, serves, swings and techniques to improve your game. Learn more about badminton with help from a badminton coach in this free video series on badminton.
12 May 2011
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Classic Game Room presents a CGRundertow video game review of Top Spin 4 from 2K Sports for the Nintendo Wii. Top Spin 4 is also available for the PlayStation 3 (PS3) and Xbox 360Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. On the Wii, however, Top Spin 4 comes in some obvious shadows. Wii owners would be hard-pressed to find a game with more satisfying motion controls than Wii Sports or a standalone tennis game more robust than Grand Slam Tennis. Unfortunately for 2K Sports' tennis alternative, Top Spin 4 fails to match those games in either department. Top Spin 4 is one of those sports games that seem unsure about what kind of game they want to be. It tries to land its forehand right in the middle of an arcade sports game and a more realistic one, but in trying to do both, it succeeds at neither. This CGRundertow video game review features video gameplay footage of Top Spin 4 for the Nintendo Wii and audio commentary from Classic Game Room's Derek.
8 Nov 2012
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Tennis is a demanding sport both physically and mentally. Connie Bandfield gives tips to new Tennis players. Connie Lynn Bandfield, an interior design and absolute tennis enthusiast. “Knowing the terminologies of terms associated with the game is a good place to start.” Says Connie Bandfield Somme definitions of tennis to help you ease into it. Forehand - A shot made by swinging the racket across your body with your dominant hand. Backhand - A shot made swinging the racket two-handed from the opposite side of your body Volley - this shot is executed using only a slight swing. Get a grip - Learning how to hold a racket properly is fundamental to good form. Warm up and cool down One of the quickest ways to injure yourself or pull a muscle is by now warming up or cooling down. It’s extremely important that players do some stretches.
21 Sep 2018
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