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15 Jul 2008
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People ARE joining our MaxGxl because we share our marketing methods that will drive quality prospects to your site daily. HaveMoreSuccess****
25 Jul 2008
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For a high quality version, see *******www.awesomeology****/51
1 Apr 2009
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*******www.restovisio****/restaurant/87-Cyrille-Billot.htm Le restaurant Cyrille Billot se veut avant tout un restaurant à tendance gastronomique, où saveurs et originalité s'accordent à la perfection. Pour cela, les plats sont consciencieusement élaborés par le chef et son second qui, chaque saison, renouvellent de créativité pour créer toujours plus de surprises : la présentation des mets et le mariage des goûts est chaque fois un véritable régal pour les yeux et le palais. Un décor tendance et insolite vous accueille: bar en cristal de Baccara, table Royale, Coin VIP.. Téléphone : 01 79 97 32 17 *******www.restovisio**** Restovisio est un guide proposant à ses internautes, un ensemble de restaurants situés à Paris. A la différence des autres, RestoVisio met en avant une vidéo faisant figurer l'activité, le décor et le plat de ses restaurateurs. Grâce à ce support média, les internautes précisent ainsi leurs recherches de restaurant avant de s'y rendre.
6 Nov 2009
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*******www.restovisio****/restaurant/51-Appetito.htm Appetito est un restaurant italien (et non une pizzeria) qui , dans un cadre agréable et élégant, propose des plats traditionnels à base de pâtes, poissons et viandes avec des assemblages de saveurs originales et innovantes. Le concept de cet établissement repose sur la simplicité de ses plats et de la qualité des produits qui les composent. En effet, il n’y a quasiment aucune transformation de la matière première alimentaire qui est simplement mise en valeur par son assemblage avec d’autres produits. L’objectif de cette association de goûts est de retrouver la saveur originelle de chaque produit sans que ceux-ci soient altérés par des artifices qui flattent facilement le palais (comme les sauces ou autres ingrédients gras). En outre, Appetito, propose tous les jours des suggestions différentes en plus de la carte (notamment un poisson chaque jour, excepté les Lundis). Enfin, la carte des vins uniquement constituée de bouteilles italiennes, vous invite, au travers des différents cépages et bouquets, à parcourir l’Italie de régions en régions. Téléphone : 01 79 97 32 77 *******www.restovisio**** Restovisio est un guide proposant à ses internautes, un ensemble de restaurants situés à Paris. A la différence des autres, RestoVisio met en avant une vidéo faisant figurer l'activité, le décor et le plat de ses restaurateurs. Grâce à ce support média, les internautes précisent ainsi leurs recherches de restaurant avant de s'y rendre.
17 Oct 2009
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Mazda has had a long and successful relationship with Tri Point Engineering in the World Challenge sports car series. It continues next year when the highly successful Mazda 6 will step aside for the new Mazda 3. Here's a look... You can always learn more at *******www.ByBillWood****
21 Nov 2009
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Asking the Question...What Do You Refuse to Give Up? at The Standard Downtown LA NYE party! So many great answers from People at the party, via Twitter and Facebook. Watch the video to see the answers! Let QG know your answer to!!
3 Jan 2010
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Director: Agnès Varda cast: Sandrine Bonnaire,Setti Ramdane,Francis Balchère. For more information on this film and other great films, please visit me at Squidoo: *******www.squidoo****/Top100ForeignFilms
17 Mar 2010
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Retrouvez toutes les informations sur la MicroStation proposée par Sotralentz Habitat : www.sotralentz-habitat****
22 Apr 2010
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Moldremoval**** / Healthy Homes Inc. 3027 NE. 12th Terrace Ft. Lauderdale Florida, 33334 Phone: 954-850-9444 Company Bio: Healthy Homes Inc./Moldremoval**** are always looking for reputable contractors to service the needs of people visiting out site to gain information on how to resolve their mold isues. Please note that you may need to provide additional information than requested below to become a member of the Moldremoval**** sit and that a monthly membership fee will apply. Healthy Homes Inc. has the right to validate or deny and contractor's membership that is unable to mee the needed and requirements to seuccessfullly assist the users of moldremoval****. Pleasee take the time to fill out the proper form on the site to become a member. Or you may contact Keith to discuss any concerns. twitter: *******twitter****/Moldremovalhelp Url: *******www.moldremoval****
18 May 2010
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De véritables chevalets miniers sur le site de wallers arenberg ..... je mes suis amusé a les mettre en valeur avec des jeux de lumière ....... à vous de juger....
4 Sep 2010
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1957 steht in San Francisco ein amerikanisches Meisterwerk vor Gericht. Angeklagt ist „Howl“, das Gedicht von Allen Ginsberg (James Franco), das seinen Autor schlagartig bekannt gemacht hat. Gerade erschienen, wird die ohnehin kleine Auflage von der Polizei beschlagnahmt und der Verleger muss sich wegen Verbreitung obszönen Schrifttums vor Gericht verantworten. Das überraschende und leidenschaftliche Urteil gilt bis heute als Geburtsstunde der Beat-Generation und der amerikanischen Gegenkultur. Die juristische Verhandlung des Vorwurfs literarischer Obszönität im prüden Amerika der 50er Jahre, die Offenbarungen eines avantgardistischen Künstlers, der auf der Suche nach Liebe und Erlösung Mauern einreißt und ein fantastisch animierter Trip durch ein prophetisches Meisterwerk, das für den Aufruhr einer ganzen Generation sorgte: Drei ineinander verwobene Ebenen verdichten sich in Robert Epsteins und Jeffrey Friedmans HOWL zu einem facettenreichen, genreübergreifenden Porträt. HOWL - ein „Geheul“, das in der ganzen Welt gehört wurde.
9 Jan 2011
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Joe Masiello joins us to go over a few toning excercises to help one woman achieve her goal.
21 Jan 2011
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James Franco (Milk; 127 Hours) stars as the young Allen Ginsberg – poet, counter-culture adventurer and chronicler of the Beat Generation. In his famously confessional, leave-nothing-out style, Ginsberg recounts the road trips, love affairs and search for personal liberation that led to the most timeless and electrifying work of his career, the poem HOWL. Meanwhile, in a San Francisco courtroom, HOWL is on trial. Prosecutor Ralph McIntosh (David Strathairn) sets out to prove that the book should be banned, while suave defense attorney Jake Ehrlich (Jon Hamm) argues fervently for freedom of speech and creative expression. The proceedings veer from the comically absurd to the passionate as a host of unusual witnesses (Jeff Daniels, Mary-Louise Parker, Treat Williams, Alesssandro Nivola) pit generation against generation and art against fear in front of conservative Judge Clayton Horn (Bob Balaban).
25 Feb 2011
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BY TRACY PFEIFFER ANCHOR CHANCE SEALES You're watching multisource tech video news analysis from Newsy. The gaming world is watching closely as the legal battle between Sony and LG heats up. “In the red corner, a Korean giant known only by the initials as LG. In the blue corner, a Japanese monster known to mere mortals as Sony.” (ITN) Thousands of PlayStation 3 consoles were held up in the Netherlands as the tech juggernauts went head-to-head over a patent violation claim filed by LG. YouTube gaming channel Wip3ou7 explains. “LG took Sony to court regarding the Blu-Ray technology found in the PS3. This resulted in a 10-day ban on sales of the PlayStation 3 in the Netherlands. Today, the court ruled in favor of Sony, and all PS3s are back on sale again. (FLASH) LG is expected to follow-up with another $350 million lawsuit." But the temporary ban -- which prevented distribution of the consoles through all of Europe -- wasn’t the first punch in this fight. The Wall Street Journal reports, this is just another battle in a tech war. “Late last year, Sony brought a patent infringement claim of its own against LG Electronics to the ITC [U.S. International Trade Commission]. It claimed that LG mobile phones violated its intellectual property and sought to prevent the handsets from being shipped to the U.S...” So how serious is this fight? The Guardian reports, the court order in the Netherlands authorized the removal of PS3 consoles from people's homes, not just incoming shipments. (Video: ITN) And a video blogger for gaming website NextGenTactics says, LG has sought similar action against Sony in North America -- and if the company can win a case in any country, the consequences could be catastrophic. “If LG wins, that means that Sony would have to pay for every single, like a portion of the profits, for every single console worldwide that was actually sold. That is a lot of consoles, and that is a tremendous amount of money. Potentially the end of PlayStation.” Gamasutra reports LG will be looking for $2.50 from every Blu-Ray device Sony has sold, which includes Bravia television screens and more than 47 million PlayStation 3s. But 1UP**** says, fear not, Sony fans. For now, LG is the one on the ropes, because the lifting of the injunction means... “LG will be forced to pay a little more than $179,000 to cover legal fees. An additional fine of more than $275,000 will be levied for each day that it fails to comply. The roughly 300,000 systems that have been seized are valued at more than $59 million.” LG’s full suit is expected to hit the Dutch courts in November. If it wins, Sony would owe at least $150 million for existing sales and another $350 million for future licensing. Follow Newsy on Twitter Newsy_Videos for updates in your stream. Get more multisource tech video news analysis from Newsy. Transcript by Newsy.
12 Mar 2011
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Allen Ginsberg, un poeta estadounidense que se considera parte esencial de la generación beatnik de los años 50. Su poema “Howl” (“aullido”) cuyo contenido llevo a los tribunales a la editorial que publicó su libro. Tres historias entrelazadas: el desarrollo de un histórico juicio por obscenidad en 1957, las revelaciones de un artista rebelde que rompe barreras para encontrar el amor, la redención y un imaginativo viaje a través de una profética obra maestra que sacudió a toda una generación se suman para crear un polifacético y multidisciplinar retrato de HOWL (Aullido), una obra que se oyó en todo el mundo.
25 Mar 2011
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