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A map i made on forge on foundry.its perfect for one flag is the link to download the map
6 Jan 2008
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The Bradken Foundry is situated in Kilburn, South Australia. As cities grow, sometimes industries find themselves in conflict with encroaching residential development around them. It's no-one's fault in particular -- but it becomes everyone's responsibility to sort it out. It can lead to a situation where people get sick and hate their lives, and companies feel that their survival is threatened. The Bradken foundry in Kilburn, in Adelaide, South Australia, is one such case where a very real crisis point has been reached. Bradken wants a major expansion. The surrounding community, whose health and enjoyment of life have already been badly affected, wants them to go somewhere else. The only feasible long term solution is for the Bradken foundry to be relocated to a purpose built cast metals precinct not far away -- with financial assistance from local, state and Commonwealth governments. This is what the City of Port Adelaide Enfield is campaigning for. If you are concerned and think Bradken should move from Kilburn to the Cast Metals precinct in Wingfield, then write to: Minister for Urban Development and Planning, Paul Holloway: Member for Adelaide, Kate Ellis: Member for Enfield, John Rau:
9 Jan 2008
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It is my second edition of homemade electric foundry for aluminium. This foundry has 2000 Watt electric power and need electric temperature regulation. I do not regulate electric power and teater was overheated :( Do not let heater's temperature increase more, then 800 C.
3 Nov 2008
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A Foundry film about foundry
11 Jun 2009
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Brooklyn Chowder Surfer Ben Sargent takes a tour at The New Foundry in Greenpoint Brooklyn
30 Oct 2009
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It's been a difficult year for the Sault Ste. Marie-based business, but Soo Foundry & Machine is moving forward with the completion of a 7,000 square foot fabrication shop.
26 Feb 2010
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26 Oct 2010
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The Bell Museum is a unique combination of bell foundry, bell museum and a sound room. The family business was founded in 1599 and the tradition preserved for more than 14 generations. Come and get enchanted of the company's history which is one of the most important spots of Innsbruck - it's a feature of the Innsbruck Card! More information: *******
18 Apr 2011
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Victaulic invites you to explore Forks Foundry, where you can see the entire process of manufacturing Victaulic's first-rate products.
3 May 2011
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Foundry Cycles - Interbike 2011
8 Dec 2011
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Foundry Cycles - Interbike 2011
15 Dec 2011
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Foundry market in India registered production of 9.05 mn tonnes of castings in 2010-11 and is growing at a CAGR of 6% since 2006-07
2 Jul 2012
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29 Dec 2012
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31 Dec 2012
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