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Transcript by Newsy**** BY DAN CORNFIELD You're watching multisource sports video news analysis from Newsy. What in the world is going on in The Little Apple? Frank Martin’s Kansas State Wildcats came into the season ranked number 3 team in the country. Now reeling at mid-season, the once Big 12 favorites have lost marquee sophomore Wally Judge, who quit the team. He’s the second player to pack his bags in January. The Kansas City Star’s Kellis Robinet caught Martin after practice. “Wally quit the team today. He’s not happy. I kinda saw it coming because of some of his emotional situations. He just has not been enjoying it. He told me today that he thinks it is time for a change.” Besides the two players who quit, two of the team’s starters were suspended for 3 games earlier this season. CBS Sports’ Matt Norlander says, this could be lights out on a promising season. “(Wally) Judge leaving the team comes just more than two weeks after Freddy Asprilla chose to pack his bags. It's chaos in the Little Apple of Manhattan, Ks., and while those remaining on the team are no doubt trying to fight through this and make a run, surely many of them are thinking, in the back of their minds, how quickly they need this nightmare season to end.” K-State finished last season in the Elite 8, and entered this season with high expectations. Instead their record is 14-8, and just 2-5 in the Big 12. Frank Martin vented after a recent loss to Colorado, shown on K-State Collegian’s YouTube Channel. “We got too much drama on our basketball team. It’s hard to move forward when your constantly, you know, dealing with guys that are in and out, in and out, in and out. We’re not very disciplined.” The Topeka Democrat Examiner’s Wayne Hodges says, the drama isn’t coming from the players, it’s coming from Martin -- who just got a fat contract and whose tirades have become Sportcenter fodder. “Coach, (Wally) Judge is not happy because you’re not happy. See, with big money comes heightened expectations and immense pressure to win, and win big. Cursing out players and/or threatening to retract scholarships is only cute when you’re victorious. Not so when you’re getting your ass kicked on a daily basis.” Regardless of who’s unhappy or why, the Manhattan Mercury’s Cole Manbeck spoke with Wildcat Curtis Kelly, who compares the teams season -- to an odyssey. "We've been through a tough storm," the senior forward said. “In a storm, anybody that's still on the boat — surviving on the boat has got to be strong. All the people that dove off weren't strong enough." So who do you think is rocking the boat in Manhattan? The coach? The players? Or was it just not sea-worthy in the first place? Get more multisource sports video news analysis from Newsy.
5 Feb 2011
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Head Kansas State Coach, Frank Martin, calls into the guys and discusses the Wildcats win over Miami.
23 Mar 2008
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Jason Statham returns as Frank Martin, the ex-Special Forces operative who specializes in high-risk deliveries. Transporter is in theaters November 26th 2008!
11 Apr 2009
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Jason Statham returns as Frank Martin, the ex-Special Forces operative who specializes in high-risk deliveries
16 Oct 2008
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Coach Frank Martin of Kansas State and Brad Stevens of Butler University couldn't have more opposite coaching styles. We asked fans of each team
30 Mar 2010
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10 Nov 2011
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RehearsalVideo and Hothouse Rehearsal Studios Bring you DownShove Performing "Goodbye". With a yummy mixture of talent downshove has created, a high energy and in your face rock band. There is no fluff in this band, just straight and pure music. “Goodbye” is the song they’re performing in the video. “Goodbye” is one of those creeper songs that you enjoy more each time you listen to it. City of Origin: Santa Fe Springs, Ca Band Formed: October 2006 Band Members: Liz Duenas – Vocals Eddie Chapa – Guitar Martin Morales – Bass Frank Martin – Drums Videotaped in the auditorium at Hothouse Rehearsal Studios For Rehearsal Video
22 Jul 2007
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Video by: Daniel Franke & Martin W. Maier "Zum König geboren". Eine nicht gerade bescheidene Aussage des Newcomers Marteria aus Rostock. Doch Halt! Denn es ist alles nur ein Traum. Marteria erzählt in seinem Beitrag zum Bundesvision Song Contest 2009 für Mecklenburg-Vorpommern die Geschichte eines gescheiterten Träumers, der bis zuletzt daran glaubt, seine Ziele zu erreichen. Der Song stammt von den Hit-Produzenten "The Krauts", die bisher für unter anderem Seeed, Miss Platnum und Peter Fox Musik geschrieben haben und sogar schon Amy Winehouse und die Beatsteakes remixten. Mit Peter Fox war Marteria, der auch unter dem Namen seines verrückten Alter Egos Marsimoto bekannt ist, im Dezember 2008 in Deutschland, Ã?sterreich und Schweiz auf Tour. Neben dem Seeed Frontmann Peter Fox wurde Marteria auch schon von Sido, Dynamite Deluxe und Jan Delay auf Tour eingeladen. Bei einer solchen Resonanz den Top-Künstlern, die gerade die Krone tragen, stellt sich die Frage: Vielleicht ist Marteria also doch zum König geboren? Sein Leben brachte ihn als Model bereits um die Welt, als ausgebildeter Schauspieler schon auf Bühnen und als Fussballer bei Hansa Rostock auf die Rasenplätze der Nation. Das legt den Schluss nah, dass ihm wirklich viel in die Wiege gelegt wurde. Doch Marteria ist ein bodenständiger Typ, der fernab von Ghetto Rap seinen Platz im Genre gefunden hat. Talent wurde ihm sicher in die Wiege gelegt. Er schreibt seine Texte mit viel Selbstironie, SpaÃ? aber auch der nötigen Reife und dem Willen seinen eigenen Traum weiter zu folgen: die Krone zu holen.
17 Jan 2009
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Frank Martin puts the driving gloves on to deliver Valentina, the kidnapped daughter of a Ukranian government official, from Marseilles to Odessa on the Black Sea. En route, he has to contend with thugs who want to intercept Valentina's safe delivery and not let his personal feelings get in the way of his dangerous objective. Jason Statham
28 Dec 2009
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Film lejátszásához katt a linkre: *******facebook****/ASzallito3 A szállító 3 (Transporter 3) - ONLINE FILM NÉZÉS INGYEN LETÖLTÉS;A szállító 3;Transporter 3;ONLINE FILM NÉZÉS INGYEN;ONLINE NÉZETŐ;A szállító 3 (Transporter 3) LETÖLTÉSE TORRENT INGYEN;A szállító 3 ONLINE NÉZETŐ INGYEN Szereplők: Jason Statham (Frank Martin) Natalya Rudakova (Valentina) Robert Knepper (Johnson) François Berléand (Tarconi) Jeroen Krabbé (Leonid Vasilev) Eriq Ebouaney (Ice) David Atrakchi (Malcom Manville) Yann Sundberg (Flag)
13 Apr 2012
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