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It makes me laugh at times that some internet marketers think that email marketing is dead. When people ask me: "What is the most important thing about building an online business?", my response is almost always GET THE OPT-IN! Last night I spent a couple of hours watching some new and free videos by Frank Kern showing you how email marketing STILL makes him well over a million dollars per year. Now I don't make a million dollars, but the comfortable salary I do make online comes a lot from email marketing and the strategies he discusses in these videos. These Mass Control videos some of the best free content currently available online today. Watch the videos at *******www.masscontrolsite****/blog
31 Jan 2008
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Ken Shamrock talks about his upcoming match against his brother Frank.
1 Feb 2008
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Frank Luntz Focus Group: "Obama wins overwhelmingly"
2 Feb 2008
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Frank Sinatra: the greatest popular ballad singer the world has ever known whose recordings are still giving pleasure to millions long after his passing...
2 Mar 2008
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Every time I seem to join some new program or new event on "how to make MORE money online", I seem to forget one major component of joining these ventures...and that is I need to find time to study, watch, listen or read the material. By joining Frank Kern's Mass Control, I find myself trying to make the time to watch the videos and study the material. For most of us, we don't have 2 hours per day to sit around and watch training videos. Most of us work during the day and trying to watch and understand videos at 11pm at night is not very productive. So now, I hunt down brainless daily tasks that I can integrate into my education time. Managing multiple businesses and a family takes a lot of time, but not I have found the perfect time to study: While cooking dinner! Yes, it seems silly, but since the task is so brainless I might as well take advantage of the quiet time. I now get one hour worth of video per day and it does not effect my current time management whatsoever. Your task: To find "brainless" time and use it as an excuse to multi-task (and get even MORE stuff done!)
9 Feb 2009
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Ann Frank Remembrance
20 Jan 2009
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only footage of ann frank
25 Oct 2009
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the true story of ann frank part 1
25 Feb 2008
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anne frank story part 2
8 May 2008
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anne frank the whole story part 3
8 May 2008
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Frank Bolella. Discusss teh Niagra Principle. We each have the power to determine our direction. What will you choose?
3 Mar 2008
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www.myspace****/frankcolemusic www.redeemedsoul**** R&B and soul gospel artist Frank Cole sings “Hosanna” (not Kirk Franklin’s version) featured on THE NEW SOUL (VARIOUS ARTISTS) album. Frank is a new artist that will bless you with his smooth, soulful voice. Leave a comment and share this video with others.
12 Sep 2009
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