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Join Freddie & Brandon of FreddieW, alongside Niko & Sam of Corridor Digital as they eat, drink, and scream their way through an exclusive look at the new Battlefield 3 Close Quarters expansion. Like Node Studios on Facebook! *******facebook****/NODE Tags: Battlefield, Battlefield 3, FreddieW, Freddie Wong, CorridorDigital, Gameplay, battle field, bf3 close quarters, bf3 gameplayyoutubetv-y
8 Dec 2012
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Check Out the LAN Party Specs below. Minecraft Part 3 hits next Friday! - 3.2 gHz i7 6-core (OC'd to 4.4 gHz) - 32 GB RAM (8×4 DIMM) - NVIDIA GTX 680 - ASUS Sabertooth X79 Motherboard - Seagate Barracuda 3 TB HD - 2x Samsung 830 256 GB SSD (in a RAID 0 Configuration) - Master Cooler 1000 Watt Power Supply - R2D2 Post Trash Compactor PC Case - ASUS DVD-RW Drive (for serious optical drive technology) Watch last week's episode, Minecraft Part 2, here: ***********/watch?v=dW_ATmSKXr8 Don't forget to like/follow us on Facebook & Twitter! *******facebook****/node *******twitter****/nodestudios *******twitter****/corridordigital *******facebook****/corridordigital *******twitter****/fwong *******twitter****/brandonjla *******facebook****/freddiewspage Tags: "Ultimate Gaming PC" "Overclocking PCs" "LAN Party" "FreddieW Minecraft" FreddieW "Freddie Wong" CorridorDigital Gameplay "how to build a gaming PC" "best gaming rig" "insane pc rig"
11 Sep 2014
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Click to RT! ******* Announcing the YouTube Roadtrip 2010 - where Brandon, Matt, and I are renting an RV and travelling across the United States for an entire month to make videos in your backyards instead of ours! By the way, this isn't some month long travelogue - I know you guys would hate that and I would hate it too. This is our usual content, but in a different place. We need your help though - so submit your information to *******facerocker****/submit (or email it to submit (at) facerocker****) You can follow our progress at *******facerocker**** - that's where all the trip updates will be. We'll be uploading videos to this channel and *******youtube****/freddiew2 as well. Follow me on Twitter! *******twitter****/fwong Check out our Facebook Page! *******facebook****/freddiewspage Finally, international folks - I didn't forget about you! But we gotta test this concept out first - if this goes well, we'll do the YouTube WORLD TOUR. --- Still images are all Creative Commons licensed from the following authors (Flickr): Junkyard: Dave Herholz Restaurant: Liz West Farm: nosha Factory: Nat Friedman Construction: drcorneilus Ranch: rickbradley Plantation: Rob Shenk Waterfront: dazzie d Grocery: redjar House: amanda warren Field: markus Backyard: ricky
9 Nov 2012
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Thank you for all the SUPPORT! Now, here is a TREAT! Welcome to another sneak peek of our brand new series here on Node! Stumble Through! Airing on Mondays! Walkthroughs can be very boring! Let's spice them up with some booze and awesome peeps! Each week, we get silly drunk, and "stumble" through level(s) of our favorite current and classic video games. See what happens when the booze starts flowing and we can't figure out which way to go, where to jump, or which key opens which door! Featuring: Freddie W and Brandon Sam and Niko of Corridor Digital Harley and the Epic Meal Time Boyz And many many many more special guests coming soon! Let us know what you want to see next. Comment below which GAME, YOUTUBER, and ALCOHOL you want for the next episode of Stumble Through! Don't forget to like/follow us on Facebook & Twitter! *******facebook****/node *******twitter****/nodestudios *******gamehackerz****/dragon-city-hack-tool-free
25 Jan 2013
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It's Friday and It's Farm PartyTime! Grab the official "LAN Party: Tractor Pile" T-Shirt now!! ******* This week... roll up those sleeves and let's plant some more seeds! It's a LAN Party on the plains with more Farm Simulator 2013! Thank you for all YOUR support! NODE hearts YOU! What game do you want to see next? Comment below! Don't forget to like/follow us on Facebook & Twitter! *******facebook****/node *******twitter****/nodestudios *******twitter****/corridordigital *******facebook****/corridordigital *******twitter****/fwong *******twitter****/brandonjla *******facebook****/freddiewspage
16 Mar 2013
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So EA wanted us to make a Battlefield 3 commercial for them. And we did, in flying colors! Check out the commercial on FreddieW's channel, and the awesome behind the scenes! Next week we have another epic video coming out as well! Enjoy!
14 Sep 2012
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CLICK LIKE/FAV!! What do you get when you cross CorridorDigital, FreddieW and Epic Meal Time? A pile of burgers obviously!!! Shout-outs to CorridorDigital for providing the VFX! Special thanks to CorridorDigital for the Movie Magic!!! ***********/corridordigital FOLLOW!! *******www.twitter****/epicmealtime LIKE!!! *******www.facebook****/epicmealtime TSHIRTS!! ***********
18 Sep 2012
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Come and get your free key at: ******* Battlefield 4 is an upcoming first-person shooter video game developed by EA Digital Illusions CE and published by Electronic Arts. The game is a sequel to 2011's Battlefield 3 and the 13th installment in the Battlefield series. The game will be released in Alpha (or more commonly known as Beta) stage at ******* where there will be a limited amount of keys. ------ Ignore this: battlefield 4 battlefield 4 trailer battlefield 3 battlefield 4 gameplay halo 4 battlefield 4 beta battlefield battlefield 3 gameplay battlefield 2 battlefield bad company black ops 2 gta 5 battlefield friends battlefield 3 trailer halo 4 gameplay battlefield 3 trolling modern warfare 3 freddiew battlefield 4 multiplayer battlefield 3 multiplayer ps4 halo 4 trailer battlefield 3 review mw3 battlefield 3 aftermath battlefield jordin sparks battlefield 4 teaser battlefield 1943 forza 4 battlefield 2142 gta 4 socom 4 battlefield 3 beta playstation 4 battlefield 2 gameplay left 4 dead battlefield 4 e3 call of duty gta 5 gameplay minecraft fallout 4 ign modern warfare 4 socom 4 gameplay smosh battlefield 1942 bioshock infinite battlefield 3 montage machinima batman arkham city forza motorsport 4 jordin sparks battlefield bf4 watch dogs medal of honor xbox one pewdiepie e3 2013 mw3 multiplayer gameplay battle field 4 battlefield heroes skyrim roosterteeth crysis 3 battlefield 3 theme destiny gameplay halo 5 gangnam style far cry 3 battlefield 4 freddiew battlefield 4 theme arma 3 mw3 gameplay saints row 4 borderlands 2 cod 4 battlefield 3 campaign modern warfare 2 frankieonpcin1080p battlefield 1943 gameplay gta 5 trailer seananners halo 3 fps russia mw4 gameplay levelcapgaming fpsrussia la noire mw3 trailer halo 4 forge google glasses dead island 2 iphone 5 youtube battle field forza 4 trailer gta 4 gameplay elder scrolls online dead island gameplay forza 4 review
25 Jun 2013
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A short film of an intense chase going on with amazing video special effects! Subscribe for more!
12 May 2012
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Freddie Wong - Aces High (2005)
29 May 2012
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The fretboard is done by recording the video feed simultaneously with another camera, and laying it on top with Adobe After Effects. Much respect to Roadies Josh Goldsmith and Brandon Laatsch, concert videographer Kevin Klauber, and of course Daniel Johnson.
30 May 2012
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Entry for the 2007 Ed Wood competition at USC. Everything done in 24 hours. Explosion effects by the unstoppable Brandon Laatsch.
30 May 2012
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Canʼt tell you how many times it took to make this work, but.... oh, wait, yes I can - ONE. Because I'm actually GOOD at Bike Hero. No closed roads, no CGI, no planted cars or joggers, no hidden cuts in camera moves. Just Dragonforce, a pair of wheels, and cojones the size of grapefruits. Some viral seeder account linked me to Bike Hero when it first was getting popular. Hah! They probably hoped I would pass it along and tell my friends about it, or make a response video and give it more attention! I bet they never thought I'd... ... ...wait a minute. This video owes its existence to Roadie Brandon Laatsch and Helmet Technician Matt Arnold.
30 May 2012
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Time Lapse of a Grown Man Playing with his Toys Time lapse of Freddie Wong, a 23 year old former pro gamer. Once and for all, conclusive proof that all gamers have the mental maturity of a toddler. Available in pants dropping HD quality, so make sure you watch it proper!
30 May 2012
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Hopefully graphics can get to this level in a few years, haha. We have had tons of requests to do a full first person video, finally we have fulfilled the demand. Shot on a GoPro mounted to a helmet. Check out the behind the scenes to see our setup. Edited in Final Cut Pro, effects in After Effects. What VFX in particular would you guys like to see broken down from this? Special Thanks to: Duc Doan Roberto Diaz Andrew Peterson Jeff Jenkins CorridorDigital for the sniper scope
30 May 2012
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