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Free Instant Movies Visit : *******worldtv****/iloeta More : ******* 3D Virtual Cyclone - Geometry: 007 titelsong, All Time High (Street Mix) All Time High" is a 1983 single release by Rita Coolidge introduced as the theme song for the James Bond film Octopussy. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- James Bond begins his literary adventures on June 15, 1951 , when after a long day of gambling, he leaves the Casino Royale and strolls through its gardens to the Hotel Splendide. Picking up the key to Room 45, Bond quietly walks up to the threshold of his room, unlocks the door and in one fluid motion draws a "gun" and turns on the room light. The empty room "sneers" at him. Later, when Bond slides between the harsh French sheets on his ornate bed he places his right hand on a "Colt Police Positive .38 with a sawn barrel." He immediately falls to sleep. While Bond's Police Positive makes its first and only appearance at the end of this first chapter in Casino Royale, this revolver sets the stage for the iconic Bond guns which follow. What does it mean that the barrel of Bond's Colt is "sawn"? In this case it appears that Bond wanted to make the revolver shorter and more concealable. The standard barrel on the Police Positive was either four or six inches long. Once shortened, the Police Positive is less likely to snag on a holster, pocket or other clothing during the draw. The barrel on Bond's Colt would likely have been carefully cut just forward of the ejector rod located underneath and parallel with the barrel. The end result would give Bond's gun a final barrel length of from two and a quarter to two and one half inches. Having "sawn" the barrel, Bond would have also removed the front sight. Bond could consider installing a new sight. However, this would require elaborate gunsmithing, and Fleming makes no mention of any such work. Since James Bond frequently employs the point shooting technique as taught to British Commandos during World War Two , the lack of a front sight would not seriously affect Bond's work with his Colt. The point or "instinctive" shooting technique as used by the Commandos teaches that for close shooting the entire pistol is indexed on the target in the shooter's peripheral vision, the sights were not used. Since Fleming could have provided Bond with a factory "snub-nose" it would appear his choice to arm 007 with the "sawn" barreled Colt was intended to establish his Secret Agent as a deadly gunman, serious enough about his weapons to take the time and trouble to customize them.
16 Oct 2011
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