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Free PS3, Free Wii, Free iPod, Free Xbox 360? Visit www.iLikeFreeStuff******
20 Dec 2006
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I am giving away a FREE iPod to one of the first 1000 people who go to my site at www.MakeMyMovieOnline**** and sign up to be a producer! I will draw a name from the list of people who sign up at the site.
20 Feb 2007
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BBC Newsnight documentary on Free iPod / Macbook Pro / iPhone scheme with Tom Carver
27 Nov 2007
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BBC Newsnight documentary on Free iPod / Macbook Pro / iPhone scheme with Tom Carver
28 Nov 2007
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Free ipod video tutorial www.freewebs****/freeipodtutorials 1. Open this link *******www.FlashiPods4free****/index.php?ref=41347 2. Select the ipod that you wish to receive. 3. Go to the "Get Started Now" box and enter your email address. (Shown Here) 4. Check the Referral system and hit continue 5. Continue registration and be sure to fill out the correct information so you receive your free ipod without any problems. 6. After registration, click the progress tab. This page shows you how close you are to getting your ipod. 7. Now that you are ready to proceed, you need to get people to sign up on this site using your referal link. You can find your referal link in the progress tab. 8. Post your referal link on blogs, myspace, yahoo answers, forums, etc. For the referals to count the user has to complete an offer on the site. 9. After getting the required amount of referrals and completing an offer of your own, you are ready to receive your ipod/reward!
24 Jan 2008
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Thousands of people just like you have received their very own FREE iPod Touch. All it takes is an email address, a mailing address and a couple friends! ParamountPrizes.Com is the leader in a premier freebie experience. We provide our users with a 15 page, full color, step by step guide to help users obtain their chosen freebie! FREE to download! We also offer live (almost) 24 hour support and can answer nearly any question you can throw at us :-) Other freebies we feature are XBOX 360, PS3, Wii, HDTV (yes full 32" HDTVs FREE!), and much much more! *******ParamountPrizes.Com
31 Jan 2008
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Just follow these instructions to get a 100% Free iPod Touch (or iPod Classic, or iPod Nano...) 'Scam!' you say? Not true! Just watch this video to see how (and why) it WORKS! ***********/watch?v=HK7P1SXSpGY Seriously. If you have five friends willing to help you out, you're good as gold. It's that easy. Just Click Here: *******ipods.freepay****/?r=41941845
11 Feb 2008
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Follow these instructions and you can really get a free iPod Touch! Im serious, so many people have gotten them, I was scepticale too until I got a wii from these people! They are for real! :) link: *******www.YouriPodTouch4free****/index.php?ref=4386580
3 Mar 2008
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*******www.freegifthome****** claim your free iPod touch now Discover how to claim your free iPod with this video, learn the business model behing this new marketing technique and how to take advantage of it.
4 May 2008
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I am going to tell you how to get a free ipod touch in easy step by step instructions! Tutorial: 1) First go on this Link: *******www.YouriPodTouch4free****/ind... 2) Next, select your gift. You can choose from 8GB iPod Touch, 16GB iPod Touch, 32GB iPod Touch, $350 iTunes Gift Card, and $350 cash. The 8GB iPod is the easiest, only requiring 5 referrals. 3) Then, you have to create an account. Start by typing in your email address in the bottom right of the page. Then check the terms and conditions box then finally click "sign me up" 4) Next you will be brought to a page where you have to enter information which consists of mailing address, email, and password. Fill this out with truthful information so they know where to ship the iPod Touch. 5) When you are done creating an account it will ask you if you want a point's account or a referral account. I would suggest choosing the referral account because it is much easier. 6) Next it will ask you to fill out one offer. The easiest offer in my opinion is the one called stamps. Go to page 5, and stamps is one of the first ones. Click it and you will be brought to a different page. Fill out the offer and when you are done, your progress will go higher on your account. Note: After signing up with stamps**** and downloading the software, you have signed up for a 4-week free trial. CANCEL THAT ACCOUNT IN EXACTLY 3 WEEKS AFTER SIGNING UP SO YOU ARE NOT CHARGED. TO CANCEL, CALL THIS NUMBER 1-888-434-0055 AND TALK TO THE GUY AND HE WILL GIVE YOU A NUMBER TO CANCEL. NOTE: You do not have to do the stamps offer. There are many other offers that you can do. There are blockbuster, netflix, gamefly, and more. Do an offer that your interested in. I am mentioning stamps because it is free and really easy to do. 7) Now, all you have to do is get referrals. On your main page on your account, you will see a referral link. Get friends to sign up using your referral link. All you need is 5 referrals if you chose the 8GB iPod Touch. Once you get 5 referrals, they will ship out your 8GB iPod Touch to you for free! It is that simple. You can get referrals any way you want. It is very easy and it works. I have done it, and now I am doing it for a friend who does not have that much money. Thanks for reading!
9 May 2008
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HOW TO GET A FREE iPOD TOUCH! *******www.YourFreeVideoiPods****/index.php?ref=5064671
25 May 2008
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im giving away a free ipod touch sign up complete an offer from a ringtone offer wait to get your credit and text stop back to the number so you dont have to pay i do a contest every month so if you dont win i will let you enter again but you have to enter this way no credit card needed!!!!!!!!!!!!
28 May 2008
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