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******* (((==SECRET LINK As I have stated in the video this is the easiest way to get an iPod, especially if your parents are willing to get it for your birthday but your birthday was last month. ******* If you have not watched the video yet, go back and watch it, because I have outlined the steps that you must take to get your FREE iPod. If you have seen the video feel free to pause on and reread any portions of the video just incase you don't miss any steps. Anyways, I hope that this helps many of you, and please rate and comment especially if you liked the info on the video. I would also like to hear from people that have completed the steps and have already received their ipod, because that will boost the videos rating resulting in more views and more people are happy… ================================= SIGN UP TODAY I'll probably take this video down in a couple of days, if it doesn't get many views. ******* =================================
13 May 2009
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Hey guys here are the instructions and the proof for my free ipod *******1freeprizes.wordpress****/2009/06/08/how-i-got-my-free-ipod/
22 Jun 2009
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We've researched and found the free iPod Touch site where you only have to try ONE simple free trial to get your free iPod touch
21 Jul 2009
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Okay here is how to Get a free iphone touch So a Here it is : Introduction Are you tierd of seeing your freinds with your cool phones and you aint got them Well this tutorial Will show you How to get your free ipod Fast and easy! Step 1 Step One go to this link *******www.YouriPodTouch4free****/index.php?ref=5995838 Step 2 Sign up and when you Sign up it says what type of account you want then you choose Points account th Step 3 You have to go on the offers page & You'll see some advertisments, those advertisments are for you to sign up for then you click on reqiement then you'll see what you have to do to get your points and if you want it press Go Then you go on progress then you'll see how much points You have to get to get the ipod or iphone
22 Jul 2009
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Go to ******* if you want to get a free ipod today! Choose your favourite mp3 player and get one for free! U.S. citizens only. Special giveaway going on, so act fast. There is no other place to get Ipod for free!
21 Aug 2009
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*******www.grtdl****/r.asp?a=49067&o=5690&si= Looks nice, sounds amazing Get a FREE iPod Touch & iHome Studio. First click on the link then enter your email address *******www.grtdl****/r.asp?a=49067&o=5690&si=
17 Sep 2009
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The Free iPod scheme seems to be controversial during this period, but apparently some users actually got what they were looking for. We give you some considerations on the steps of the Free iPods scam or scheme and provide you with the necessary details
23 Nov 2009
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Learn how to get a Free Ipod Touch from the best site out there: *******www.freemicrosoftpointsnow****/points2shop.html or *******www.freemicrosoftpointsnow****/proof.html
28 Dec 2009
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See how to Download free ipod Music. check out www.mp3hp**** for free music. And www.downloadviedo**** for vidio
30 Jan 2010
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Want to Get some free Ipod ,free Iphone,free hdtv ,free xbox,free ps3,free wii and more lets go sign up *******www.xpango****?ref=92197986 its fast and easy just need to promote your link to get credits its not a scam so let go and get some free stuff
17 Feb 2010
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Claim your free iPod in 3 simple steps. Join the thousands of other users that have already received theirs. www.freeipodsuk****
12 Jun 2010
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This 3 step guide will show you how to get a free iPod, free iPhone 4 and anything else as proven by the BBC and CNN. 1: Sign up for free at *******yourfreegadgets.eu5**** 2: Complete a free, no obligation trial offer 3: Refer friends to do the same, receive your gift and its as simple as that! Most people are put off by the free trial offers and referring friends part but don't be. The free trial is a two week no obligation trial with trusted companies like Lovefilm**** and with a bit of effort your friends will soon be persuaded.
18 Jun 2010
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