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This is a way to download videos from online into the most common video formats. Including Ipod and psp!!! Its really easy and give a try. Plus its free
14 Mar 2008
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23 Mar 2008
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<p>This is spam turned video art. Tell the world how fabulous and f***ed up we are. www.spamthemusical****</p>
9 Aug 2008
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14 Aug 2008
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Tired of paying for expensive gifts? Well sign up here --> *******tinyurl****/r1-gifts You can get free gift cards, games, ipods, game consoles and custom prizes. Sign up with the link above and get your free gifts today.
24 Aug 2008
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Look below
22 Aug 2008
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The 411 on Directory Assistance
22 Aug 2008
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Over the summer, I have spent many hours researching money making opportunities on the web that didn't require extensive work or personal info. I started off with survey sites and PTC's which didn't pay me very much for my efforts. I hope that you will listen to my advice and save yourself the time. I was looking for a site that required only an email and PayPal account, did not take that much time in the day, and made me the most income possible with the smallest minimal payouts. I have come across a highly recommended site called My Homepage Friends. It is a company based out of England that pays you to use their search engine which is based off of a yahoo web search. Yahoo in turn pays them for the revenue that they receive which is split 50/50 between you and them. It is paid in GBP but can be converted into any currency you wish through PayPal. I have done that math that included the fee for the PayPal conversion and each search earns you a little over 3 cents USD. The payout of 20 GBD (about $40 USD) is achieved in two months if you search 20 times a day. While $40 every two months won't make you rich, there are many success stories including myself who have been paid (If you are still nervous, please go online and read the reviews which are largely positive.) The other great thing about myhpf is that you do not have to go out of your way to make money, which means you are earning money for what you already do. A recap of the benefits is that you could be any age and from any country as long as you have a PayPal account. You do not have to go out of your way to earn money. Many sources online can confirm that it is scam free. You do not have to give out personal information so you can stay safe. There is a low minimum payout and a relatively high pay per action. It is also easy to start up your new account. Plus, it is completely free. How to get set up: 1. Use my referral link: *******www.myhpf******/apply001.asp?Friend=179341 2. Go on to myhpf and create an account. 3. Download the search bar and use it every day.
14 Oct 2008
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Here's how to make money online for your Paypal account easily, without having to compromise your privacy or take the risky step of giving your credit card number, by uploading pictures just as you would on Flickr or any social networking site. Simply click on this link: *******www.shareapic****/ref.php?owner=beefers1 and follow the instructions on the video.
14 Sep 2008
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23 Aug 2008
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The link is *******www.gaminglagoon****/xboxlive If you have any question comment and i will get back 2 you Be sure to make a spam email (go to yahoo**** and sign up its free) and use that for your offers so your real email doesnt get spamed with crap. Just sign up the link above and hit sign up and hit view available offers. You should be at a page with a bunch of surveys and about 20 pages of them. Only do 100% free(unless you want to spend some money to get more points I don't suggest it) Carefully read the requirements and complete them. Then wait a little for your points to get credited. After you have enough points for your prize go to view available prizes and claim it. If you want to pre-order a game then choose custom order and give the link for the item. Choose it from amazon****. Also you can choose any item from amazon**** if you give the link. You need enough points to cover shipping and the item from a custom order. If you're wondering what kind of prizes they have they have online gaming stuff, PC stuff, xbox 360 stuff, nintendo ds stuff, ps3 stuff, psp stuff, wii stuff, music stuff, toys, gift cards, sd cards, maplestory mesos, and OGplanet Astros. If you don't like anything they have just do the same thing as if you wanted to pre order a game. Just go to amazon, make a custom order of the item and have enough points for shipping and the item. Enjoy your free stuff. If you have any questions leave comments. Also please rate, comment(if the site works for you), and subscribe. Tips for getting credited - Clear cookies before every offer. - Wait on the last page for about 10 mins. - Don't go over for what the offer says. So if the requirement is to submit your email don't go do the whole survey.
24 Aug 2008
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24 Aug 2008
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