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Jeckyll & Hyde - Freefall
5 Jun 2007
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its so cool.he does side fall, freefall.this it is not so high,but it cool.ill make more vid
13 Mar 2010
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The first skydive of my Accelerated FreeFall (AFF) course, known as Level 1 jump, at Skydive Cape Town near Melkbosstrand. Two AFF instructors with me, Hugo Pretorius filming, and Anton Scalabrino on the other side. What a rush! It was over far too quick.
9 Feb 2009
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Jeckyll & Hyde - Freefall Jumpuh!!!!!!!!!!!! mooier dn all die adere!!!!! kijk ook eens mijn adndruh videos bij "more from this user"
22 Sep 2008
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Enjoy a skydiving experience in the UK with the professionals. Freefall skydive with another parachutist. Open to everyone with Skydiving experience in the UK. Sky dive with professionals for charity or fun. Learn VISIT: *******www.toffsworld****/l...
10 Aug 2009
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The mission, Red Bull Stratos, will take renowned athlete Felix Baumgartner to at least 120,000 feet above the earth, to the very edge of Space. From there, he will attempt a stratospheric free fall jump - the longest in the history of man - and hopefully will become the first human to break the speed of sound with his own body.<br><br /> The speed of sound varies according to altitude and temperature. The Red Bull Stratos science team estimates that after only 35 seconds of freefall Baumgartner will break through the sound barrier and catch up with the speed of sound, which is likely to be about 690 miles per hour at the predicted altitude of 100,000 feet. Known hazards at such altitudes include temperatures well below zero; an environment with too little oxygen to sustain human life; the tendency to spin uncontrollably (to the point of unconsciousness or worse); and air pressure so low that without a pressure suit blood is said to boil with life-threatening vapor bubbles. Unpredictable factors compounding those dangers include sudden changes in air pressure and resulting instability in the transonic zone (speeds approaching supersonic velocity), which in the mid-twentieth century caused aircraft to lose control or break up and resulted in the concept of a sound barrier. Of particular interest is the shock-shock interaction, a condition in which shock waves collide and create a reaction not unlike an explosions blast wave.<br><br />
6 Apr 2012
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This guy attempts his most ambitious stunt yet...
23 May 2006
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My camera helmet came off during a particularly harsh parachute opening. Makes interesting viewing as it plummets to earth.
26 Feb 2007
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this is one lucky man
11 Mar 2007
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Zack’s last mission as a SEAL was a nightmare that haunts him still. Sabrina’s promotion to manager of a top hotel in Italy is short lived when a terrorist bombs it. But going home isn’t where they will find peace when a dangerous serial killer stalks their hometown and the people they care about. www.joannross****
6 Feb 2008
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The way I proposed to my fiance !
12 May 2008
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Merry Christmas from Zero Gravity. HO, HO, WHOOOOOOA
19 Dec 2008
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9 Feb 2012
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skydive san diego accelerated freefall
5 Dec 2008
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NEW YORK, FRIDAY 22 JANUARY 2010: World renowned skydiver and B.A.S.E. jumper Felix Baumgartner reveals a stratospheric mission, Red Bull Stratos; a mission that will see Baumgartner leap from the edge of space at 120,000 feet in an attempt to be the first person to break the speed of sound with their body. In 1960, United States Air Force Captain Joe Kittinger, made aerospace history by freefalling from 102,800 feet. This achievement contributed valuable data that set the groundwork for the United States’ first space program. Kittinger has been advising Felix on operational safety and bringing his extensive experience to the programme. Over the intervening half-century, many have since tried to surpass Colonel Joe Kittinger’s accomplishment but none have succeeded, and some have died in the attempt. Felix is known for his boundary breaking projects such as freefalling across the English Channel wearing a winged suit and breaking the world record for the highest parachute dive from a building when he jumped from the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Over the last two years he has been preparing himself mentally and physically in order to attempt this new challenge, which has already begun to provide important learnings. As the mission progresses, important telemetry data will continue to document the effects of travel at high speed and at high altitude to help provide further research to explore mankind’s ability to travel at the edge of space. Distributed by Tubemogul.
23 Jan 2010
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