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Phlegmatic GiS agents organized a suicidal picnic right on a freeway! Police invited!
8 Feb 2007
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A tanker exploded on a freeway overpass in the Oakland/Emeryville area in CA on Sunday, April 29th around 4am. The deck collapsed and burned for a very loooong time...
4 May 2007
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Burnout 2 - 25 vehicles totalled on Freeway Fury
8 Oct 2007
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Freeway gets a visit from a bull as it runs down the road
29 Feb 2008
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Transperth Train along Mitchell Freeway, Perth
3 Mar 2008
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With one BIG BEAUTIFUL Blue Banner above the 10 Freeway in Santa Monica! INCREDIBLE POSITIVE response as represented by honking of horns LOUDLY and with great enthusiasm by passing cars! *******9-11.meetup****/359 *******fightbackforfreedom****
12 Apr 2008
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Crimanimalgmail**** Crimanimal Mass wants you to know: If you rode a bicycle, you'd be home by now! The Freeway Traffic Jam Ride took place on a Friday at 5:30 p.m. when freeway traffic reaches a critical mass on two of Los Angeles' busiest freeways. The time and day were carefully chosen after considerable research and scouting was made over a two week period prior the ride taking place. Based on unverified data and rider speculation, it was assumed that vehicles moved at a speed between 10 and 15 mph, when moving. There was no plan/strategy on what to do when actually on the freeway, as no rider in the group had ever ridden their bicycle on a freeway in this fashion. Riders agreed to a "every rider for themselves " approach regarding police involvement and a "no rider left behind" mentality pertaining to injuries or mechanical failure. Starting in Santa Monica, 15 bicyclists boarded the Cloverfield on-ramp (Santa Monica Fwy/I-10) and rode 0.87 miles to the Centinela off-ramp. They re-entered the 1-10 Fwy at Bundy and rode 0.44 miles to the I-405 N on-ramp and rode another 1.56 miles to the Santa Monica Blvd. exit. The ramp to the I-405 N was a steep grade and 0.65 miles in length. Riders rode a total of 2.65 freeway miles. The ride's political stance and agenda(s) was neutral, yet many participants shared common views. When asked WHY, riders refer to the ride's tagline and collective motto: "If you rode a bicycle, you'd be home by now!" This statement encompasses views on oil dependency, sustainable living, and critique of the Los Angeles' transportation infrastructure. For more information about the pre and post ride dialog and controversy please see Midnight Ridazz thread. For a more concise history of the ride check the IBIKEU Wiki entry. The Fine Print: Crimanimal Mass was a ride series created out of rider reaction to the Santa Monica Police Department harassment toward Santa Monica Critical Mass participants. Crimanimal Mass rides were intended to create legal disruption that was more antagonistic toward anti-cycling tactics employed by local law enforcement. Along with protesting SMPD tactics the ride collective sought to raise awareness of Bicyclists' rights in general. MUSIC: FUNDERSTORM
13 Oct 2008
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Have you ever wondered who puts up those political signs you keep spotting on the freeway? We spoke to the Freeway Blogger, the man behind the sign, about why he does it, and what he thinks of his critics. We even went out on one of his freeway blogging rides.
24 Jun 2008
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This video show you a Hack to freeway sing. Smile ;)
21 Jul 2008
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This Downhill Skater skateboarding with 100km/h on the freeway A8 Ulm-Stuttgart in Germany!
12 Sep 2008
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Trillogy links up with Philadelphia Freeway. To collab on this hot joint. We Made It!!!
18 Mar 2009
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3 camaro Drag racing on the Freeway - WANT TO EARN MONEY ONLINE LIKE ME? No Upfront Fee's, Join Free *******www.changprice****/incomestream.html
29 Mar 2009
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Being stuck on the freeway sucks. But being stuck on the freeway in the middle of a deer stampede? Awesome! See what happens when deer take over a freeway. Powered by Sunkist fun to AWESOME.
1 Jun 2009
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Philadelphia's BEST Rappers, "Freeway" and "Jakk Frost" recently shot their NEW MTV / BET Music Video on the set of Supermodel Karina Bradley's Major Photo Shoot. The video was directed by Caesar Augustus of *******www.augustusfilms****Karina Bradley is also working with Jakk Frost on her first single titled "Buy me That".Karina was quaited as saying "I really enjoyed working with amazing Hip Hop artists like Freeway and Jakk Frost".Karina Bradley is a supermodel Diva that is now working on her debut album.Karina Bradley is working with artists and producers from New York, Philadelphia and Nashville.*******www.myspace****karinabradley*******www.twitter****/karinabradley
15 Nov 2009
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*******www.karinabradley****Supermodel Karina Bradley had a MAJOR photo shoot at the Cairnwood Mansion in Pennsylvania. Rappers "Freeway" and "Jakk Frost" Thought it would be HOT to shoot a Rap video on the set of a Supermodel's photo shoot!They were all RIGHT!The Music Video was HOT!!!Karina Bradley wa SEXY as can be!***********/karinabradley *******www.twitter****/karinabradleyMusic Video was directed by Caesar Augustus of *******www.augustusfilms**** Karina Bradley has an upcoming single "Buy Me That" with Jakk Frost.That single is off the hook!*******www.myspace****/karinabradley
28 Feb 2011
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*******www.japanesepod101**** Learn to read real-life Japanese with JapanesePod101****! Arriving in Japan, the amount of complicated Japanese text on the street, in stores, and on appliances can be overwhelming. With Everyday Kanji, you can break down these signs into simple elements in order to understand even the most complicated Japanese. Take the quiz at the end to see how much you remember! This episode, we are looking at signs you might see on a freeway in Japan. To see more Everyday Kanji, follow us on Twitter at *******www.twitter****/JapanesePod101 よろしくお願いします★
6 Oct 2009
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