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Abram or Abraham believed in God promises of blessings to him and this was counted to him as righteousness. www.CharisTheos**** Abraham was able to make a freewill choice to believe in the promises of God.
28 Jan 2008
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why are we here....what are we meant to do.... hello Angel..........
13 Sep 2010
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Freewill? Yea, Right!
8 Jul 2008
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We have asked this question since we were kids and now the answer is finally here!! Must SEE!!
8 Nov 2008
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16 Sep 2008
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For more info: ******* Free will the four factors , Part 2
15 Feb 2009
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After being gifted with an overview of creation, this otherwise ordinary man answers many of Life's most profound questions as they were shown to him by our Creator.
12 Jul 2009
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Email me for the strategy, email address is in the video. Freewill - Rush iPod belongs to Apple
20 May 2009
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Put and order to the chaos today at www.rankopedia****! Please Spread this video around! Please Subscribe Please add video to your favorites Please Comment Please Rate Thank you for watching! Song: Rush - Freewill
11 Oct 2008
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All Humans are Born with Freewill When Crossing Over to The Other Side To give your own life to Save Another Is One of many important lessons that must be learned....
11 Dec 2008
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Additional commentary is included from YouTube user comments and more from theologians past/present. True saints are speaking out against the subtle denial that is coming from those serving the devil. I declare that the greatest heresy that actually denies the God of the bible is any notion of Freewillism as a determining factor that limits the atonement of Jesus Christ. This Freewillism is a subtle (yet real) denial of the deity of Jesus Christ. Therefore, anyone who denies Limited Atonement is in denial of the deity of Jesus Christ. Logically, this must be so. Because, if Jesus cannot save to the uttermost (Heb. 7:25), then He is not God. In other words, if anyone for whom Jesus Christ attempted to pay or actually paid a sin debt for as described in the doctrine of Penal Substitution ends up in hell, then Jesus is not all powerful, and therefore not God. And the whole Christian faith is denied.
14 Mar 2011
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29 Mar 2011
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14 Mar 2012
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