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petit playback sur cette chanson connue de tous small playback on this known song of all
28 Sep 2006
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U.S Marshal Mike Donovan has the dark memories of the death of his first love. He keeps peace between the Americans and the natives who had temporarily adopted and took care of him. The evil actions of Blount, a "white sorcerer" lead him to confront the villain in the Sacred Mountains, and, through shamanic rituals involving native entheogens, conquer his fears and uncover a suppressed memory he would much rather deny.
31 Dec 2009
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One of Audrey Tautou's early movie, sorry it only in french. This a wonderful movie about a girl ( audrey tautou ) who got dump by his older boyfriend. She then seek helps from 2 sisters who are regular con. Alot of mishap and laughter form and bringing them closer. Fine acting by all the three actress!
9 Sep 2008
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A movie that score for the actress Audrey Tautou the Best Supporting Actresses Award in French around 1999. It Depicts a story of 3 person who work in a beauty shop, though there very little appearance of Audrey Tautou, she sparkle whenever she appears.
5 Oct 2008
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A short film from French, didn't quite catch the plot. Maybe just because watch it once.. still enjoy Tautou fine acting.. anyone care to share why they mention about north and south of French? different ethnics live in the area? culture clashes?
10 Sep 2008
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*******www.musicaltales****/helena Film Music Composer Stephane Meer presents his work as an introduction to his web site. Stephane Meer is a long time French Composer and Movie Music Composer for Animation, Cinema, TV Shows and Documentaries. He also worked as executive producer on several song albums. He started working with French band "Indochine" and worked two years for EMI. He is still working for TV and animation series, but he is also very focused now on his Musical Fantasy Audio Book in Video, called Helena and the Orchestra of the World of Mist.
29 May 2009
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Year: 2003 TIME OF THE WOLF - Directed By: Michael Haneke TIME OF THE WOLF reunites award-winning French actress Isabelle Huppert with director Michael Haneke after the international success of their celebrated film, THE PIANO TEACHER. In addition, TIME OF THE WOLF features an A-list cast of France's top actors, including Olivier Gourmet (THE SON, READ MY LIPS), Beatrice Dall (BETTY BLUE) and Patrice Chearau (the director of INTIMACY and THOSE THAT LOVE ME CAN TAKE THE TRAIN). An extremely timely and prescient piece of social commentary, TIME OF THE WOLF follows a family's difficult journey immediately after an unknown apocalyptic event. Haneke never tells us what happened, or where, or when, but instead puts us directly into the terrifying aftermath, with all of its confusion, uncertainty, and danger. As all social laws and codes are suddenly overturned, Haneke asks us to find our own way through. TIME OF THE WOLF is Haneke's most intense film and also his most hopeful. Reviews: "A TOUR DE FORCE" -The Los Angeles Times "(4 STARS) A RIVETING FILM." -Newsday "VISIONARY!" -The Village Voice "MASTERFUL!" -Variety
30 May 2009
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Séraphine Louis (Yolande Moreau) the painter. www.musicboxfilms**** www.seraphinemovie****
11 Jun 2009
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Ksenia Kuprina - born in Gatchina, Russian Empire. Her father was the writer Alexander Kuprin. In exile in France(1919 to 1956), she was a fashion model and actress. She returned to Russia, 20 years after his death. She died in 1981.Read more about it on site
20 Dec 2012
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“The 400 Blows:” the first film by François Truffaut is a French classic. My film review here, which is part of the Best of the Best movies edition of reviews: --------------------------------------- Be sure to check out all of my reviews on my site and subscribe on Youtube: ***********/user/TheCinematicCynic Check out my website: *******thecinematiccynic.weebly**** Follow/like me on Twitter & Facebook: ********twitter****/CinematicCynic ********www.facebook****/TheCinematicCynic Find my podcast on itunes using the words “The Cinematic Cynic” and watch episodes!!! ---------------------------------------------- The 400 Blows: ***********/title/tt0053198/ *******www.rottentomatoes****/m/400_blows/
21 Jun 2013
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Another incredible escape sequence from the French movie, "Suburb 13."
25 Apr 2006
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2 scenes from french movie "Yamakasi".
8 Aug 2006
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