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homemade video filmed and directed by our seven year old son explaining the benefits of fresh breath
16 Nov 2008
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Dr. Susanne Cohen joins Mike & Juliet to share tips on staying kissable. They discuss SmartMouth Mouthwash, the latest generation of mouthwashes proven to provide 12-hours of fresh breath per use. Learn more about SmartMouth at *******www.smartmouth****
30 Mar 2009
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Cure Bad Breath - Fresh breath advice from 1-800-DENTIST CEO Fred Joyal. Learn easy ways to get rid of bad breath and how your dentist can help. Watch our exclusive video to get bad breath remedies now!
30 Jul 2009
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Avoid bad breath on your wedding day from start to finish, even morning breath, with SmartMouth the 12-hour fresh breath mouthwash. This episode of Lifetime's Get Married highlights the importance of fresh breath for brides, grooms and the entire wedding party, along with offering tips to fight dry mouth, halitosis and bad breath on your big day.
14 Sep 2009
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Society formed a ball of uniqueness. And it's purely blissful.
26 May 2007
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We don't need to worry about the penguins. Just give them some breath mints and they can create the new ice age :P
2 Apr 2008
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If you have seen this chipmunk before, you know how this is going to go...
6 Aug 2008
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Plaque can lead to tooth decay and gum disease, and removing it can be difficult through brushing alone. Flossing can help. Learn an effective and safe technique by watching this video. Visit ColgateOralCare**** for more information on this and other oral care topics.
18 Aug 2009
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Do you know someone with foul smelling breath? Manhattan Dentist, Dr. Elisa Mello provides a few simple tips to keep your breath smelling fresh. For more information, visit www.nycsmiledesign****
28 Jan 2010
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*******badbreathreport.bonuscb**** - BAD BREATH REMEDIES BAD BREATH SUFFERERS: If you're desperate to cure your bad breath, but are sick-and-tired of spending your hard-earned money on expensive mouth-washes, breath mints, and other dental products that simply don't work, then read this special report to discover... How To Cure Bad Breath In Less Than 72 Hours & Have Strong Healthy Teeth & A Sparkling White Smile For The Rest Of Your Life Special Report Reveals How To Get Rid Of Bad Breath - With A 96.03% Success Rate Using An Easy $2 Mix Of Common Ingredients... Even If Everything Else Has Failed!
26 Sep 2010
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Do you have the gutts to make Facebook friends with total strangers on the street? This guy did.
3 Jul 2012
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Unfortunately (or, perhaps, fortunately!), you can't smell your own bad breath. Even if you cup your hand over your mouth and nose, and take a sniff right after you breath out, you're really only smelling your own hand, not your breath. That's because, despite the fact that bad breath contains all kinds of nasty stuff that would make you wretch if it came from someone else, the problem usually develops so slowly and so gradually that you simply become used to the smell from yourself. Your body becomes so acclimatized to the specific concentrations of nasty stuff in your bad breath, that you simply don't notice it anymore! Read more... *******garysigafoos.blogspot****/2012/12/5-quick-easy-bad-breath-tests-you-can_7.html
23 Jan 2013
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