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18 Jan 2010
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Look what My caw do to My friendly cat We love our kitties but occasionally they do have accidents. Or they can race to a freshly cleaned litterbox to make a deposit at the most inconvenient time — like right before company comes! What I do in this case is put a freshly cut lemon in the room to neutralize the litterbox odor. I do not put it in or near the litterbox — some cats seem repelled by a citrus scent and we don’t want that — but in an out-of-the-way place where the scent can gently drift through the room. Even the best trained cats will occasionally miss the litterbox, and cat urine odors are tough to get rid of unless taken care of as soon as possible. Look for natural ingredient products that contain enzymes, which help clean stains and neutralize odors. #cat #littlecat #katieandfrankie #fresh #wild #animals #friendly #catsfinstegram #threeetingbabies #lovelycat #homecat #childcat
17 Jul 2018
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Pit bull Sharky with bunny VS roomba cat Max-Arthur with guinea pig. They are a funny little group.
2 Jul 2017
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a clip with a few dog moments! the animal's best friend can be hilaryous some times! 3njoy!!!!!!!!!!!!
25 Nov 2008
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Slatki mali vrt Pripreme su bile krajem Marta i ovako je o izgledalo, svi smo bili prljavi od zemlej Finica i ja najvise , a Dimi on je cistunac ..uvijk ima ciste sape. Danas je 05.05.2009. i naš slatki vrt izgleda prekrasno ..trud se isplatio . Moja jezica je ovdje imala jako puno posla toliko su joj se svidjeli cvijetici da im je svima dala puno pusa ...onih ma mam njam njam .. :-))))
6 May 2009
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They are just good a special way.
15 Nov 2009
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3 Mar 2011
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Sabrina Stars on a Book Cover!!! *******finditwithusonline****/SabrinaTheStar If you love pets you will love this cat and dog video of Sabrina and Robert. These cat and dog friends are starring in their every own love story. Sabrina (the dog) will not leave Robert (the cat) along. All Robert wants to do is have a cat nap, but Sabrina has other ideas! Find out what they get up to in this lovely voiceover cat and dog video.
9 Aug 2012
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Funny videos 2016 Try not to laugh challenge IMPOSSIBLE
9 Feb 2017
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A cat was sleeping on a chair and suddenly another one attacks the sleeping one for no apparent reason. Watch and do share.
28 Jun 2017
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The Dog and Cat ae best Friend
13 Jul 2018
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This cat is literally me trying to stop my friends from drunk dialing their exes. The struggle is real as you can see.
8 Sep 2018
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