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Clayton Frohman * Defiance Movie-AFI Film Festival LA
11 Nov 2008
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Mark Frohman for State Senator District 12, Texas -- Mark Frohman's goals are to bring honesty and integrity back to Washington. Mark Frohman believes in a smaller Federal Government that protects American citizens and provides basic services. Another priority for Mark Frohman is to balance the budget. We need to rebuild our relationships with other countries. Mark Frohman wants political campaign contribution reform. You should not need millions to get elected. Mark Frohman for State Senator!
23 Mar 2012
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Boomers, we need to talk about this whole polygamist mess going on down in San Angelo Texas. Hundreds of children have been removed from the Yearning for Zion sect and taken to the state fair. Sounds like a good deal to me. I have to admit, I don't understand this whole polygamy thing. I've had enough problems with the Dreaded Mrs. Frohman, I can't imagine what life would be like with two or three more wives. What do you think? Check out all episodes of The Boomer File at
10 May 2008
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Boomers, does this happen to you? You're thinking of something you've got to do, or a witty remark to save for later, and it just slips your mind completely? I lose entire days sometimes. When I fight with the Dreaded Mrs. Frohman, after a few minutes we forget what it is we started fighting about in the first place. But the argument doesn't stop there, because we've already worked ourselves up into a heated rage. I'll see you later Boomers. Don't forget to come back.Check out all episodes of The Boomer File at
13 May 2008
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Boomers, I was thinking, and then I lost the thought. And then I was thinking, this happens to me all the time. When the Dreaded Mrs. Frohman and I argue, five minutes into the fight, we've forgotten what we were arguing about in the first place. But still the argument keeps going. Does this happen to you? Don't forget to let me know. Check out all episodes of The Boomer File at
13 May 2008
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I know Boomers, you're scared I'm going all necrophiliac on you, but what I'm really talking about is what happens after your spouse dies. Will you mourn forever, or pick out a new bride in a few weeks? I've heard that in some cases, the dying spouse actually recommends his or her own replacement. I don't know if that would work for me. If I'm dying, the last thing I want to think about is setting up the Dreaded Mrs. Frohman with a new man. I guess I'd be ok with it if she went first, but knowing her she'd make an unsettling choice for my future wife. You can check out all episodes of The Boomer File at
5 Jun 2008
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Boomers, I read recently that nude vacations, or "nakations" are surging in popularity. Apparently, nudism is the great equalizer; free of the sociological trappings of clothes, people are better able to relate to one another. I guess I can see that, but the problem I have with nudists is that most of them aren't very attractive. And neither am I. Just kidding, but I recently figured out the cost of a nakation with the Dreaded Mrs. Frohman. $135,000. Each. $5000 for the nude cruise, and $130,000 each for the pre-trip plastic surgery.
19 Mar 2009
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Boomers, my daughter is leaving the nest, and it's stirring up all sorts of feelings. Grief, loss, anguish, and most of all fear. Fear of what the Dreaded Mrs. Frohman and I are going to do with ourselves as we ponder the rest of our lives together. I shudder to think. It also makes me look back (in anger) at the day my own father pushed me out of the nest and whispered one word: "Fly." And remember, you can watch all episodes of The Boomer File at
26 Jun 2008
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Before you watch this video, go and check out "Alex's Mom" on YouTube. It's a MoveOn commercial with a young mother telling John McCain that he can't have her precious baby to fight for him in Iraq. YOU CAN'T HAVE HIM! The Dreaded Mrs. Frohman was inspired by this commercial, and decided that we should film our on version. I'll be shipping out in a few months.
9 Feb 2009
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Boomers, have you ever tried looking for a date on the Internet? A lot of you must have, as baby boomers are the fastest growing online market for dating service. Boomers will spend over $500 million this year looking for love online. Now, I don't really have anything against this, but a lot of the websites I looked at seem to cater to married boomers seeking illicit affairs. Well, I won't be looking for a date online soon, and not just because of the Dreaded Mrs. Frohman. The lists of steps they give you to make sure you're safe meeting someone you've chatted with in real life are terrifying. They make me think everyone who uses these sites is criminally insane, and I don't want to go down that road again. Be safe, Boomers.
4 Oct 2008
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The very first Boomer File defines who Baby Boomers are, how we are perceived by the world at large, and what the future holds for us. Baby Boomers are a major market force, yet the only time advertisers talk to us it's about our sexual dysfunctions. We're getting older, it's true, but is it also true that many Boomers don't intend to die? Welcome to the Boomer File.
19 Apr 2008
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I love cable news shows, but the thing that always bugs me is the news crawls that appear at the bottom of the screen, distracting you from the program you were trying to watch in the first place. Some channels take these crawls way too far, as this edition of the Boomer File shows. Check out more episodes of The Boomer File at
19 Apr 2008
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"And that's the way it is." Awfully depressing way to end a newscast, isn't it Boomers? But Walter Cronkite and other news anchors have some of the bleakest signoffs you've ever heard. That reminds me, I need a good signoff, something that doesn't bring you down like these famous newsmen. but that keeps you coming back for more. Check out more episodes of The Boomer File at
1 Oct 2008
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Today's edition of The Boomer File takes us back to the endless summers of camp in the 1960s. Free love reigned over all, but summer camp was still a safe haven from the influence of the sexual revolution. How did one camp owner keep teenage hormones under control? By dividing the boys and girls camps right down the middle with a giant boulder.Check out all episodes of the Boomer File at
21 Apr 2008
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You know, everyone talks about anger and rage as if they're bad things. Not so, I say. I find I need a bit of rage just to get through the day without losing it entirely. Tell me Boomers, have you got your anger managed, or do you prefer to let it run free? Check out all episodes of The Boomer File at
25 Apr 2008
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