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Tai Chi: Snake Creeps Down - part of the women's fitness video series by GeoBeats. Hello, my name is Tiffany Chen, I am from William C. C. Chen's Tai Chi Chuan and I am going to work on Snake Creeps Down with you. So turn to the left, left foot in front, right leg behind. We are going to get into the “Single Whip” position, which is the left palm in front. As you will see my right hand, the fingers are hooked and surround the thumb and just extends out from the shoulder and slightly bent at the elbow. We are about eighty-twenty. Eighty in the front leg, twenty in the right leg. What we are going to do now is shift over more into the left leg and as we do so we are going to reach out with the left hand and turn on the heel of our right foot. Now shift into the right leg, the left wrist shrinks back to the left shoulder. And now with all the weight on the right leg, the right side pulls in the entire left side. So now we are facing forward. Sink into the hips, let the energy drop all the way down and energize down with the fingers of the left hand. And now the right foot turns out the left side and the palm turns out too. Shift. Turn in the right foot, and this completes the posture.
12 Jul 2011
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23 Nov 2011
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I was handling of my Chilean rose hair tarantula and when i put her on my jeans, i startled her and she got in her defensive position but luckily didn't bite me. Watch her front legs stand up as she exposes her fangs. giant eating tarantula goliath pink foot theraposa apophysis huge spider Tags cave maria caccini bocelli andrea tarantulas grammostola rosea avicularia theraphosa red color phase eat my rose hair almost get bit bitten bite dangerous bug doing sit ups up that does pop it the is new song snake handling die
8 Mar 2012
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When the hitter swings there are a lot of moving parts which need to stay connected. Lets take a look at it. 1. weight: should be evenly distributed 2. hands: should be off the back shoulder 3. wrists: slightly cocked 4. body: feet, knees, hips and shoulders should be in line The lower half begins to fire creating the torque and explosion of the swing. 1. back foot: rotates and turns, without sliding forward or away from the plate. 2. back knee: drives down toward the ground creating an L with the back leg 3. Hips: rotate and explode in unison. The front hip clears the path for the back hip to drive through it. Hip torque is the source of power and bat speed in the swing 4. Front leg: Snaps straight as the hips explode giving the hitter something to hit against. 5.Front foot: The front foot should remain closed or slightly open until contact. It can spin but not until after contact. 6. Elbows: The elbows form a triangle and remain flexed until the swing begins at which point the back elbow slides into the slot off the back hip where it remain connected until contact. The front elbow straightens out upon contact while the back elbow maintains some flexion. It is important to remember that the hitters elbows stay close to the core and not get away from the body. 7. Hands: The hands are cocked and ready, the palms remain perpendicular to the ground and the back of the lower hand is pointed at the pitcher. As the swing begins the hands flatten out until they are parallel with the ground at point of contact. The palm of the bottom hand is pointing down and the top hand palm is facing up. Don't let them get away from the body the more they get away from the body the greater the chance of a roll over. 8. Shoulders: Keep them square as long as possible. The front shoulder will start to open as the back shoulder points down toward the ball when the hips hands and feet fire at the ball. 9: Head: Keep the head turned toward the pitcher so the eyes can track the ball. The head should stay in place with minimal movement and not slide forward toward the ball. 10. Down and Through: Work down and through the ball during the contact phase. Working up and off will affect bat angle and adding length to the swing. 11. Balance: Balance and a strong backside takes place from the ground up. Without balance from the ground up the swing cannot work properly or consistently. He hitter should be able to swing and hold their pose after their swing consistently in practice. This will help create the necessary balance. If the back leg and hips do not rotate the swing will pull the hitter off balance. Balance is the tell tail sign that the swing worked properly. 12. Finish: Most people don't care so much about the finish because the ball has already been hit or missed. But the finish will tell us a lot about went right or wrong on the swing based on the pitch. The back leg should be in the shape of an L. The hands can finish with a one or two hand release. Either way there are always two hands on the ball a contact. The one hand release should not take place until the swing has passed the front shoulder. The one-hand release can help hitters stay on the ball longer. But the two-handed finish will help the hitter stay more compact at contact. A high or low finish is going to be dictated primarily by the height of the pitch. The head and eyes are locked at the point of contact until the finish is complete. *******www.chadmoellerbaseball****/videos/hitting/baseball-batter-stance-putt... Register at the Link Below: *******www.chadmoellerbaseball****/wp-login.php?action=register
31 Mar 2012
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*******www.emfnews****/store/ *******www.emfnews****/productinfo.html By the fall of 1990, the cattle herd that pastures near the tower is sick. The animals are thin, their ribs are showing, their coats growing rough, and their behavior is weird -- they're agitated, nervous. Soon the cows are miscarrying, and so are the goats. Many of the animals that gestate are born deformed. There are goats with webbed necks, goats with front legs shorter than their rear legs. One calf in the womb has a tumor the size of a basketball, another carries a tumor three feet in diameter, big enough that he won't pass through the birth canal. Rall and the local veterinarian finally cut open the mother to get the creature out alive. The vet records the nightmare in her log: "I've never seen anything like this in my entire practice... All of [this] I feel was a result of the cellular tower." Within six months, Rall's three young children begin suffering bizarre skin rashes, raised red "hot spots." The kids are hit with waves of hyperactivity; the youngest child sometimes spins in circles, whirling madly. The girls lose hair. Rall is soon pregnant with a fourth child, but she can't gain weight. Her son is born with birth defects -- brittle bones, neurological problems -- that fit no specific syndrome. Her other children, conceived prior to the arrival of the tower, had been born healthy. *******www.emfnews****/products.html *******emfnews****/Lifewave-Cellphone-Matrix-Shield-Test.html
13 Nov 2012
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Wild Horse Thanks Its Friend’s Savior – Who Freed Him From Chains You may have heard of wild horses running through the plains in some countries. The wild horses in Romania are very similar to their North American cousins in this way. Unlike their North American cousins however, the people used metal chains to tie around the horses’ legs to prevent them from running away. But these metal chains are often dangerous to these horses as they will cause deep cuts on their legs. For one wild horse, he was unlucky and could not move as the chains were tied to his legs. Even his herd could not help him, but his savior soon came to his rescue. A veterinarian with Four Paws International named Ovidiu Rosu came across the herd and immediately decided to help him. When the chained-up horse saw the veterinarian approaching, he tried to run away from him as he did not trust humans. Rosu saw his reaction and approached the horse slowly to show that he is here to help him. The horse eventually stopped struggling against the chains and allowed Rosu to cut off the chains tying his front legs up. When Rosu had successfully freed the horse, another horse in his herd approached him and touched his nose to Rosu’s in gratitude. Four Paws International have been helping the wild horses of Danube Delta in Romania for many years. They prevented the method of killing the wild horses to control the population and instead, provided contraceptives for the mares to reduce the birth rates. Over the years, Four Paws International have vaccinated many mares and also helped to free chained-up horses like this one.
11 Sep 2018
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Front leg switching and knee strikes
10 Jan 2019
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