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Which 'Butt Enhancement Recipe' Do You Want? "I want to Firm, Shape & Lift My Butt, and Get Rid of the Cellulite..." "I want to Reduce, Slim & Tone My Butt, and Get Rid of Cellulite..." "I want to Build a Bigger, Rounder, Fuller, Perkier Butt..." "I want a little bit of everything for my Butt..." A Beautiful Body Starts With a Sexy Butt "I want to stop dressing like a frumpy old lady just to cover up my horrible butt! I want my butt to be perky, firm, tight and sexy - is that too much to ask?" How To Get A Sexy Butt Those are the exact words of Sandra Corsten (age = 58 y.o.), as written on her 'Primary Goals' form during her initial personal training assessment and start-up interview with me back in January of 2000. Sandra reached her main goal of fixing her flabby, droopy and un-sexy butt by the third week of February of that same year... just 3 and a half weeks later - and most importantly, she successfully maintains it to this day... How To Get A Sexy Butt Sandra's experience along with that of many other women in the same frustrating situation - are what motivated me to write this article today. I recently had the privilege of selling my womens' personal training center, in St Johns, Florida, to work full time from the comfort of my own home, as a fitness/fat-loss writer, consultant and consumer advocate for women - a lifelong dream of mine... While cleaning out all the folders and files of the female clients I've worked with over the past 16 years - I made an amazing discovery that's going help you in ways you could only imagine until now... I started going through stacks of the initial fitness assessments from female clients I've trained, since 1992 - when I first started my personal training company download now to see How To Get A Sexy Butt Guaranteed
10 Apr 2009
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Erectile dysfunction makes for a lot of cheesy commercials and frustrating situations in the bedroom. But, romantic failure may not be the most serious thing to worry about. A new study from the New England Research Institutes shows men with erectile dysfunction are 40% more likely to suffer from cardiovascular disease (CVD). It makes sense that erectile dysfunction and heart disease might be connected because they both have to do with how well blood vessels are working. A number of studies have made this connection. What the researchers of the latest study wanted to find out was whether erectile dysfunction might improve the accuracy of risk predictions based on traditional risk factors such as smoking, high blood pressure, and family history. They calculated heart disease risk factors for over a thousand middle-aged and older men. The results? While erectile dysfunction did point to increased heart disease risk, it didn't make predictions any more precise than the usual methods. That's frustrating because many men fall into a middle range of risk so it's hard for doctors to pick out the ones who would really benefit the most from aggressive measures to reduce the chance of CVD. Although the researchers were disappointed that adding erectile dysfunction to heart disease risk formulas didn't help them predict the future any more clearly, they say knowing about trouble in the bedroom might still help save lives.
2 Jun 2010
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A private workshop to truly revolutionize the core of your skill and emotion As a boss, supervisor or a manager, we find that frustration, stress and anxiety are common words used in the world of business, staff and job performance. How do you balance it all? How do you not let it interfere with your own emotions, issues and opinions? It is possible. It's all about your own policies, boundaries and priorities. Get acquainted with this unique workshop, where you will learn to be fierce yet approachable and kind, while still earning respect. Learn how to eliminate frustrating situations and create productivity on many levels Simplytrue****
9 Mar 2012
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Do you have a new business and are not sure about how to begin promoting it? Are you thinking about expanding the company's current marketing efforts to digital? If the answer to these questions is yes, you probably find yourself in the frustrating situation of questions leading to more questions, with the original questions still needing answers. What are SEO and PPC? Which one should I use? What should I expect? Are they the same thing? Read The Full Blog at SEO Ninja Softwares website.
18 Mar 2019
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