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November 11th marked a few excited things: a 28th birthday, the 100th week of post production, and the day FToM on Kickstarter reached 100% of it's funding goal! Since then pledges have slowly kept coming in - and we want to make the best of this momentum and the remaining days (campaign doesn't end until Thanksgiving). We'd love to see if we can hit an even higher goal - Kickstarter is such a powerful and unique outreach tool and we want to raise the bar as high as possible. We've designed FToM tshirts that we're really happy with (Alternative Apparel 100 percent organic cotton unisex) and want to give as many as we possibly can to the amazing people who helped us reach this goal. If we can hit our new goal, we'll be able to include a tshirt for every single person who pledged above $20. Also - with 10 days left - I have a bit of a birthday wish: to get Livestrong / Lance Armstrong to pledge a $1 to the film. If you click this link ******* - it will pop open twitter, with a pre-written tweet all ready to send. I know we can do this :) I know if we just give one last hard push - we'll see some "serious shit"... to quote one of my favorite films.
18 Nov 2009
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33 days ago, Amanda and I launched a brand new Kickstarter campaign to help fund the last stages of post-production: *******ksr.projectpedal**** Since then we've been backed by over 40 people, with pledges ranging from $1 to over $500! We have raised $1,638 towards our goal of $8,300! This is an all or nothing campaign. Meaning if we don't hit $8.3k, then no one's pledges go through. Help support 'For Thousands of Miles', plus get awesome stuff like Pedal buttons, posters, autographed scripts, a 64 Days DVD with audio commentary and even my personal typewriter. If you're new to this project, take a quick moment to check out our "hi, hello" intro page *******hi.projectpedal**** :) it's a very informal, brief recap of the last 6 years. Please consider backing our film with a $1 donation, or help spread the word by liking this video, sharing our KSR project with your followers on Twitter or your friends on Facebook. We are really excited about the next stages in post - and we are very, very grateful for all of your support!
5 Oct 2009
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A quick update on what I've been keeping myself extremely busy with the last week - keep checking back at forthousandsofmiles**** :) it won't be long before we launch the new site. And don't forget there's still a month left of voting for 64 Days in the Babelgum film fest! Winning would give us all the money needed for post-production! tminus.projectpedal****
5 Mar 2009
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We're down to the last 24 hours of the Babelgum contest - we really have no idea where we stand at the moment, since the relaunch of their site it's been impossible to even do a rough count of our position. So it will be as much of a surprise to us as anyone when the release their shortlist on the 3rd. So keep your fingers crossed for us - if you can cast one last vote and tell everyone you think might take a moment to vote. Remember, now there's no signing up for an account or downloading software. Voting could literally take as little as 5 seconds and two clicks. Okay, enough about the contest for now. I've been trying to get back into writing and editing mode, and haven't been able to re-acclimate as fast as I'd like after spending a few weeks neck deep in html, css, javascript and all kinds of other initials that are mostly over my head.
2 Apr 2009
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Up past my bed-time getting some writing done - wanted to check in to update people on how writing has been going, and also to say thank you for all the amazing support we've been seeing through Kickstarter. ksr.projectpedal**** (this will redirect) blog.projectpedal**** forthousandsofmiles****
4 Oct 2009
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It's a cut ftom FIRST STEP BASICS this part shows how to 180 ollie
4 Nov 2007
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Big announcement for us in this update - we launched our brand spanking new film site :) It was a total re-design from the original page and I spent weeks coding it and hope that people like it. You can check out the new FToM site at ForThousandsofMiles**** And as of today we have 19 days left on t.minus! You're allowed to vote for 64 Days on Babelgum once a day which could help us fund the remainder of post-production! :) tminus.projectpedal****
17 Mar 2009
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FToM focuses strongly on the idea of being connected by the places we've traveled. Rooted in the maze of back-roads stretching from small-town to small-town... all of us who've traveled by bike share in a personal experience that is difficult to put into words. Stockpile is a element of our feature film, an out-reach campaign to collect a pool of raw media from other travelers and with it, help visually express that our experiences on the road are intertwined in ways we often over-look. We can't tell this side of our film's story without your help - submitting is fast and easy to do, go to *******stockpile.projectpedal**** to learn more.
9 Jun 2009
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So, people have been asking me to post a FToM teaser that had a little bit of dialog in it for a while now :) And I don't really have an excuse as to what took me so long to actually picking one out. This group was one of the first people Larry ran into after having to say goodbye to his best-friend Jay earlier this morning. I know it must have been hard on Larry to carry on as if nothing was wrong or out-of-place. *******projectpedal**** *******forthousandsofmiles****
23 Jun 2009
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