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This complete body workout is very effective fro fat loss for beginners also for cool down . you can add this workout to your pre or post workout routine otherwise this workout is effective for complete burnout if you are a beginner . Its a cardio HIIT mix body workout for all levels.
5 Feb 2019
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Cardio is an essential component of any workout, whether you want to lose weight, get fit, or just be healthier. Health authorities recommend 150 minutes of cardio exercise per week to reduce health risks. ... It helps you burn fat and calories for weight loss. Xcross fitness brings you complete cardio workout extremely good for any fitness level.
7 Feb 2019
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ump rope is a great exercise to burn fat considered to be one of the most effective cardio workout. Mixing it with hiit workout which will help you improve the following: 1. Improves co-ordination. 2. Decreases foot and ankle injuries. 3. Burn major calories. 4. Completely portable and fun. 5. Improves bone density. 6. Improves cardiovascular health. 7. Improves breathing efficiency. 8. Makes you smarter. 9. Improves your ability to stay calm.
11 Feb 2019
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​​there are numerous benefits for working the largest muscle of the body. But here are just a few: 1. Big Strength & Muscle Gains. 2. Upper-Body Strength. 3. Functional Strength. 4. Great Glutes. 5. Boosts Metabolism. 6. Increased Growth Hormone & Testosterone.
13 Feb 2019
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