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Watch Anushka Sharma Dancing Video
2 Sep 2016
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Enjoy breath-taking views of Sedona by staying comfortably at The Views Inn. You will feel welcomed at our hotel. 65 E. Cortez Drive, Sedona, AZ 86351 Check out this Video for details! Website - viewsinn (dot) com/
20 Dec 2018
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<p>Considered as one of the few remaining premium properties this side of Manila , Otis 888 Residences offers a promising new lifestyle for a privileged few. For the discerning few, the gated community welcomes residents to everyday convenience, comfort, privacy and security. Otis 888 Residences aims to address the growing needs of those expanding Fil-Chinese families who require bigger living space.</p> <p>Strategic Location</p> <p>Manila is everything -- a timeless city that is the center of culture, business, education, entertainment and much more.</p> <p>Situated in a 4-hectare prime property, Otis 888 Residences is an upscale property and Feng Shui guided townhouse development located along Otis Road, Manila.</p> <p>Otis 888 Residences is just 2 kilometers or less than 10 minutes away from the Binondo and Makati area. Adding comfort is its wider roads, better environment and close proximity to nearby schools like St. Peters , St. Jude, Chiang Kai Shek, Uno, De La Salle-Taft, Malayan High School of Science, St. Stephen, UST, and San Beda.</p> <p>Developed and master planned by Robinsons Land, Otis 888 Residences is also near to leading shopping malls like Robinsons Place Manila and medical establishments like Manila Doctors and Manila Medical Center .</p> <p>Just a few minutes drive, residents can fully enjoy the panoramic beauty of the Manila Bay , its splendid food, lovely parks and great nightlife.</p> <p>Various Unit Types</p> <p>Otis 888 Residences will be around 200 townhouse units development which will primarily cater to the Filipino Chinese living in the Binondo Chinatown and nearby areas. It will consist of a mix of 3-BR and 4-BR townhouse models with 2-car garage, to suit the discerning tastes and need for wider space and greeneries of its target clientele.</p> <p>Units range from P6.8 million and up with floor areas ranging of 138, 168 and 188 square meters (Robinsons Land is also open for bigger floor sizes. There are limited lots where build-to-suit homes can be built). All units will have interior pocket gardens and most corner units will have separate strip gardens to maximize breathing space.</p> <p>A hectare of the property has been allocated for the development of a community strip mall which is planned to house a supermarket as well as a mix of retail, dining, and service outlets. The mall and the nearby hospitals, schools, and other commercial establishments will afford residents easy and safer access to basic needs.</p> <p>For more info about East of Galleria Condominium and other Robinsons Land Corporation projects in the Philippines, please go to www.realtymanila****</p> <p>Richard Uy Sta. Ines</p> <p>Account Manager, Robinsons Land Corp. </p> <p>(63)9182652869</p> <p>(63)9272769519</p> <p>www.realtymanila****</p> <p>realtymanilayahoo****</p>
17 Jan 2007
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A supportive option for a wide variety of outdoor activities the Nike Air Obsidian trail shoe is a great match for fastpacking day hiking scrambling ferrying a big load even traversing a firm snowlield. Although they look more like a running shoe than a hiking boot people are catching-on to the fact that unless they are prone to twisting their ankles or embarking on a trip that might see bad weather the advantages of trail shoes are numerous. The Nike Air Obsidian hiking shoe features the Nike Trailframe technology in the midsole to offer support protection and torsional rigidity without the weight of high-top leather models. In fact they offer enough support to haul more than your share on a family backpacking trip. With forefoot flex grooves in the All-Trac Trail outsole and forgiving leather and mesh combination upper the Nike Air Obsidian trail shoe feels comfortable the first day you use them without the annoyance of an extended break-in period. The trademark Nike air cushioning is present on this versatile shoe too where an Air-Sole unit is present in the heel to reduce the impact of prolonged descents. Ultimately the lightweight forgiving yet supportive nature of trail shoes such as the Nike Air Obsidian leave your feet feeling less fatigue a key ingredient to going faster and farther not to mention more fully enjoying your experience.
21 Jun 2007
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This is the part all in Japanese which Bill Murray struggles to understand. To fully enjoy, see the non-subtitled version first.
14 Aug 2007
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PLEASE READ DISCRIPTION: This Video is soo much better in high quality (click high quality!!!) I made this amv because I head this in an ichiruki amv and It truly reminded me of narusaku PLEASE READ THE LYRICS its what makes this amv make sense. Its called Konna ni Chikaku de by Crystal Kay. Its an ending song from some anime I have no clue about!! ' I really love how this came out so I hope you watch the whole thing because thats the only way you can fully enjoy this amv!!! Anyway enjoy the Narusaku LOOOVVVE!! NARUTOxSAKURA FTW!!! ♥TheRealSakuraXNaruto♥ Disclaimer: video footage belongs to TV TOKYO AND ITS NOT MINE!!
25 Apr 2009
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100% Brand New Generic (non-OEM) High Quality 7-in-1 24000mAh Emergency Charger for PSP/NDS/NDSL/GBA SP. You don't need to worry about the power supply when you are using your PSP, NDS, NDS Lite and GBA SP outside, this 24000mAh Lithium emegency charger battery has about 13 times capacity of the original PSP battery (1800mAh only), you can fully enjoy the fun of your portable game unit - especially in long journey.
23 Nov 2008
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Yes! He is back. At last, finally, after all this time. He returns like a great blue hat wearing superhero with his green progress bar shaped cape fluttering in the wind of time. Yes back, better than ever.* Well nearly. In fact he isn't. But he will be. Soon. The progress bar of editing is the most erratic of all. But he will be back next week, right here. In the meantime I found this never before seen episode left over in the 'trash'. I guess it is left over as it isn't funny, poignant or even interesting. But tough. Here it is anyway. And it will help you get the taste of failure and ineptitude back in your mouth so you can fully enjoy next week's brand new 'adventures'** *not legally binding, you may indeed decide he is more juvenile, puerile or facile than ever. ** not strictly adventures as nothing ever happens
12 Jan 2009
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this flim is coming sooon .fully graphycal movie. fully enjoyment of this flim. this flims director says that i am ready to get award of this flim. see & enjoj
23 Aug 2009
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*******www.anorexiaportal****/ Do you want to fully enjoy life without anorexia eating disorder? Now you can! See within!
21 Mar 2009
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The Left 4 Dead video review, an Xbox 360 exclusive! Left 4 Dead was a requested review by vinhbotchu after he donated $5.00, so go check out his channel here: ***********/user/vinhbotchu Overall, Left 4 Dead is a fun, time killing, zombie game and I think it's worth buying. If you don't want to buy it, just rent it to give it a try and see how you like it. It does get fairly repetitive, so renting might be the better idea for you. BUY LEFT 4 DEAD FOR 360: *******www.Extreme-Days****/buy/left4dead360.html BUY LEFT 4 DEAD FOR PC: *******www.Extreme-Days****/buy/left4deadpc.html Check Out The Blog: *******www.Extreme-Days**** Follow Me On Twitter: *******Twitter****/Godismyrock Join Me On Facebook: *******www.Extreme-Days****/facebook.html As far as the controls go, they are pretty much just standard shooter controls and for once, the sensitivity is actually not too bad. You can raise it up so that it's at least playable for those of you who are like me and need high sensitivity to play at your best. Other then that, the controls are great and easy to pick up right away. The graphics are pretty exceptional for an Xbox 360 game, I have to give the credit to Valve for putting such effort into the details in this game. This being said, the graphics aren't on the top of the charts, but they pass the test. Left 4 Dead is a really fun game when you first pick it up and why wouldn't it be? Who doesn't like to slaughter zombies with multiple weapons? Anyway, after a while of 'zombie mowing' it gets pretty repetitive and the lifetime value of this game is fairly low. I must say, this is probably one of the games you would want to rent instead of buy. Just by renting it, you could probably get the full picture of what it's all about and fully enjoy what Left 4 Dead has to offer. If you're a gamer who likes to take their time and really take in the game, you might have to rent it twice to get through everything. Left 4 Dead really focuses on teamwork for every aspect of the game, no matter what you're doing, teamwork is essential for the survival of everyone. You need to stick together and watch each others back. Another quality that goes hand in hand with teamwork is communication. You and your team are going to have to have good communication or you are setting yourselves up for failure. When you have zombies coming at you from everywhere, it's good to know where your teammates are and which sides are covered or need to be covered. I think with all of these pro's and cons taken into consideration, Left 4 Dead is a great game and offers a lot of fun for a short amount of time. It is one of those games that you can only play so much of before getting bored of it and probably trading it in. You might want to hold on to Left 4 Dead as it can be a pretty fun party game, but there are plenty of other party games that I would keep instead. Have an awesome weekend everyone! *******www.themodelship**** *******www.powershelfoutletcovers****
16 May 2009
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For more info visit www.newsinfusion**** Kids love Halloween. But for children with severe food allergies, the season can be an emotionally troubling time as these children are faced with the temptation of delicious treats they can’t eat and parties they can’t fully enjoy. This is also a frightening and anxious time for many parents who fear that their child might feel alienated or sneak a forbidden candy while at school or trick-or-treating. If your child has a food allergy, then the candy he or she brings home from trick-or-treating may be more frightening to you than any ghost or goblin. Ingredients like peanuts, tree nuts and even milk – common in many Halloween treats – can trigger severe allergy attacks. But unless you carefully scour the labels on everything your child brings home and lean over his or her shoulder at every Halloween get-together, you may miss some hidden dangers. Stacy DeBroff, parenting expert and author, discusses new survey results that show moms are not exactly ready for all the allergy risks associated with Halloween.
30 Oct 2009
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