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The holiday seasons are coming, so I’m really worried about how my smoking cigarettes will affect my downtime with family members and good friends this winter. I tried everything to quit as quickly as probable, but absolutely nothing worked as well as the *******www.electroniccigaretteblog**** did, and I won't smoke some other cigarette any more. There’s a movie right here for any person who wants to try them out like I did.
2 Nov 2011
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10 Nov 2011
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If you enjoy Deep House, Future House, Electro House, Trance, Techno house, Trap and more then you’re in the right place. Abeats Music Production create exclusive tracks for you to enjoy daily. We hope you enjoy the best exclusive music on our channel If you like Our channel please Subscribe & Share ...
23 Apr 2017
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Holy Quran (Koran) in French: This is a translation of Holy Quran (Koran) in French. Koran is a sacred book that contains the words of God. It was revealed in verses overtime to Prophet Muhammad by Angel Gabriel. It is the last of the books that was sent to the last of the prophets, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) to mankind.
7 Oct 2017
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DEALING WITH THE DANGERS OF INHALANT ABUSE "PROTECT YOUR CHILDREN AND LOVED ONES March 19th & 25th is National Inhalants and Poisons Awareness Week. Millions of children are abusing household and commercial products to get high & products you might never even suspect. The practice is known as huffing, bagging, sniffing or dusting. Users intentionally inhale harmful fumes or vapors from everyday household products for a quick and intense high. They are cheap, easy to get and are abused by over 2 million young people age 12-17 each year and that number is on the rise. Experts say parents and kids are in need of education on the subject of inhalant abuse particularly the dangers and warning signs associated with it. Some warning signs of inhalant abuse: Numbness in tongue / mouth Nausea and/or vomiting Redness in the eyes Spots or sores around the mouth For more information and resources visit the National Inhalant Prevention Coalition at www.inhalants****.
28 Nov 2006
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Most of the welder /fabricators I know don't where any type of respirator. I wouldn't breathe this in for a minute. Watch these fumes smokers.
28 Oct 2007
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*******www.GarysWine**** Gary Fisch of Gary's Wine & Marketplace in NJ shows how to choose the proper stemware for drinking red and white wines. -Wine glasses are specifically designed to deliver wine to the appropriate "taste zones" of the palate. -The type of wine determines the glass. -Sauvignon Blanc glasses can be used for Semillon & Fume Blanc -Chardonnay glasses should be used solely for Chardonnay -Burgundy glasses can be used for Pinot Noir, Barbaresco, Barbera, Barolo, and Nebbiolo -Bordeaux glasses can be used for Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, and Tempranillo
17 Sep 2009
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Brad Roderick, executive vice president of InkCycle, discusses the problems with electronic waste, or e-waste. E-waste is an important issue, not just in the United States or North America, but globally. Most people are aware that virtually every major city in the United States has closed landfills because they're at capacity, so where does excess landfill material go? It has to be shipped somewhere. The problem is even worse with electronic waste, or e-waste. In less scrupulous environments, e-waste is typically sold and bought by the pound and goes offshore. There are provinces and regions where their entire economy is based on e-waste. What happens with this e-waste when it is sold and bought? The components of value, such as gold in electronic circuitry are extracted. These e-waste components are extracted by burning off the rest of the material creating toxic fumes. The remaining material ends up bing burned and stockpiled in areas. For example, in Hong Kong, there are days when you can't even breathe outside because the brown and black air is so thick it makes you choke. The thing about electronic waste is that it's growing and not just as a problem, but it is growing in terms of total units. For more information, visit *******grenkblog****
27 Mar 2010
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Welcome to Turbodyne Energy Systems ( *******www.turbodyne-energy**** ), manufacturer & exporter of pollution control & industrial equipments.ISO 9001:2000 certified company, Incorporated in 2003, at Pune. We are Registered as SSI Unit and we are an Authorized reseller of ETFE coated ducting & Dust Collectors. Our prompt service, Superior design & unmatched after-sales service makes us unique. Our product range includes Steam Turbines, Industrial Fabrications, Dairy & Pollution Control Equipments. Bag Filter, Centrifugal Fan, Ice Bank Tank, Dust & Fume Extraction System are some of the features of Dairy & Pollution Control Equipments. Our Industrial Control Panels are applicable in Process Plants, Automatic Tyre Inflators, Distribution and Feeder Panels. We offer Industrial Blowers & Fans that are high in performance and are widely used in different industries. Some of the well known features of Steam Turbines are Guaranteed Service Back, Corrosion Resistant, Sturdy Construction & Trouble Free Operation. We offer Heavy Industrial and Sheet Metal under Industrial Fabrication that are well known for their durability. To get the best quality product log on at – *******www.turbodyne-energy****
5 Jul 2011
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Before we use an effect in a movie, we need to test it first! This is a compilation of some of the effects we've been working on! Created with a variety of programs, including 3DS Max, After Effects, Rayfire, Fume FX, and more. While we haven't been able to incorporate all these effects into our films yet, bits and pieces of them have made it in. Rayfire is one of our favorite plugins, since it's awesome to have giant structures crumbling and falling over. What effects do you guys think work best, or would like to see more of?
13 Sep 2012
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*******nylaw**** New York state worker's compensation attorney Michael Serres explains the Zadroga Act. As we came together as a country after the tragedy of 9-11; a lot of the workers and volunteers who helped clear out ground zero became sick. They were exposed to toxic fumes. The Zadroga Act is a signed act by President Obama allowing the reopening of prior claims and benefit extensions for the injured and ill. This act also enacted a "Special Master" who is in charge of these claims. A certain form must be filled out and submitted through the Special Master to claim these benefits. Watch the video now to learn more. For more information about worker's compensation law and my firm; visit our educational website at *******nylaw****/; where our multicultural staff speak a number of languages to assist our clients in any way. If you have legal questions; I want you to call me at (718) 626-7730. I welcome your call. Pyrros & Serres; LLP 31-19 Newtown Avenue Suite 501 Astoria; NY 11102 (718) 626-7730
5 Dec 2012
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spoof of csi. watch as two forensic experts sift through evidence that leads to the unsuspecting mastermind.
10 Dec 2006
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guyz playing with toxic material at lab,,test tube falls down and a mess
12 Dec 2006
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just a little bang by me and some friends
19 Dec 2006
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no comment
3 Jan 2007
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Crash in Russia...
4 Jan 2007
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