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in my channel you will find English learner videos and funny
lets learn the Good Bye Kiss, "MMmmuaA!" from Elmo..
14 Apr 2009
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Girls having fun on a trampoline at a birthday party
2 Dec 2009
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A cool video me and a couple of friends made. Enjoy! :D
2 Jan 2009
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24 Jan 2009
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When Bob Proctor decided to have a cruise I was not sure if I would go, but then my friend persuaded me and I am so glad they did. I love sun, sea and sandy beaches, so the Caribbean is a perfect destination. Add to that the company of dynamic energetic friends and seminars with Bob Proctor, Mark Victor Hansen and other and you have the recipe for a wonderful week.
16 Jan 2009
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2 Feb 2009
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super video)))
22 Mar 2009
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quezon 43 forever.,.,.
3 Apr 2009
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THIS IS A DANCE PERFORMANCE THAT ME AND MY FRIENDS HAVE GIVEN IN ONE OF OUR COLLEGE FUNCTIONS.actually each of the liliputs consists of two people.although its hard to figure out how we did it ,it is quite simple.i am soon going to upload a video showing how it is done.maybe you could perform in one of your college shows.please do leave a comment.
9 Apr 2009
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23 Jun 2009
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www.unigo**** Students discuss the social scene on the Bowdoin College campus.
4 May 2009
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Its a prank played in ma office in mumbai. We tied a bandage on her eyes and left her in a room and all around 30 -40 people disappeared. It was fun........
5 May 2009
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