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When you gotta go bungee jumping, make sure you do so in style like this guy. Scotland is one hell of a funny country.
16 Sep 2019
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In Spite Of Ourselves Appeared At The Interlochen Eagles 3503 Follies In February. Thank you to all of our volunteers.
10 Apr 2007
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2 Nov 2008
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check out how liza plays around n never lets goes the towel.. dont 4get to check out the nite eyes.. For more details on actors... log on to ur fav star SHAHRUKH KHAN *******www.meetshahrukhkhan****
25 Dec 2008
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So Sarah's been living the life. Two little kids, Antwone and Harmony, and an awesome husband, Chad. A few months ago, she and Chad probably had a conversation that went something like this: Sarah: Baby, life is so good! Chad: Aw, yeah! Sarah: Could our life get any better? Chad: Hmmm... let me see. Ooh, I have an idea! Sarah: What is it, Cheese? (Chad's nickname) Chad: What if there were MORE of us? Wouldn't more family be more fun? Sarah: Yeah, that's it! You're a genius! Let's throw some Miracle Grow on our family tree and sprout another branch (refering to the exanding family tree)! Chad: That's what I'm talking about! Sarah/Chad: ... So there you have it. Little baby girl Shields is coming to a hospital near you early this summer, so stay tuned! P.S. - Sarah's a big fan of country, so I mustered up all my country might and put it all into this one song. For all you fans, I tried to go a little Josh Turner on it. Hope you like! Lyrics It was just a few months ago late late late one night Most of us had already hit the hay and turned off the light But Chad and Sarah were celebrating putting their kids to bed They said hey, we can handle two, let's do three instead! You, you, you, you, You're adding to your family somebody new So many things to look forward to When it's you, you, you, you and you What happened that night was something special, or call it Destiny Joining Antwone and Harmony will soon be baby #3 So coming up soon, maybe May or June, she'll be coming into the world Mommy and daddy just can't wait to see their baby girl!
8 Oct 2010
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elderly woman took a second wheel and joked
9 Dec 2010
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A funny anime set to a funny country song.
26 Sep 2006
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funny country song
29 Dec 2008
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