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Upcoming Future Cars- the Hundai's 2010 Car
22 Jul 2008
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nice future cars
17 Feb 2009
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the true future cars.
27 Jun 2009
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Full documentary can be found here: *******www.documentary-log****/d237-the-future-car/ Watch free documentaries online at www.documentary-log****
6 Aug 2009
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Electric car future car
22 Mar 2019
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a look at the cars that may be coming soon
27 Feb 2007
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This will be released near future
5 Jul 2007
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Really amazing car!
5 Jul 2007
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15 Jan 2010
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amazing cars<a href="*******depacco****/pages/index.php?refid=crookedxskater51" ><img src="*******depacco****/pages/images/468x602.gif" border="0" alt="Depacco****"></a>
9 Jul 2009
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Transcript by Newsy**** BY SAMANTHA MCCLENDON You're watching multisource global video news analysis from Newsy. Imagine a car that would let you know when you’ve had too much to drink. Well, that could be the standard in as little as ten years. CBS has the story. Info “New technology could prevent drivers from starting their cars if they’re drunk. It’s called DADSS. Driver Alcohol Detection System for Safety. It could be finding its way to cars of the future. Backers believe that parents might want the device to protect their children.” The car would detect a drunk driver by analyzing their breath and even their skin, using sensors placed on steering wheels or other places drivers touch. A mother who lost a daughter to a drunk driver tells ABC -- this could be a life-saver. PAULA CELENTANO: “This would be huge. Beyond words. Beyond words. A dream come true. Critics say the detection may be set below 0.08, the legal blood-alcohol content level -- and that could be more annoying than its worth. The Washington Post quotes a member of the American Beverage Institute, who says: "Americans are 100 percent behind the fact that you shouldn't drive drunk... But they're not ready to give up the glass of wine with dinner, the beer at a ballgame or a champagne toast at a wedding." But a representative for Automotive Coalition for Traffic Safety says not to worry. The technology is aimed for drunk drivers only. “What we're doing is developing technology that won't interfere with sober drivers, will require virtually no maintenance or upkeep and will have such precision that it only stops a driver when their blood alcohol content is .08 BAC or higher.” The most recent statistics show in one year, almost 11,000 people died in drunk driving accidents. That’s 32 percent of all deadly accidents that year. Get more multisource video news analysis from Newsy
1 Feb 2011
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We find out what will be driving us around in 10 years time and check out the future of automobile technology at the Ford proving grounds in Belgium.
9 Nov 2011
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