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Garlic Allium sativum, Garlic has anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti- biotical and anti-fungal properties Its volatile oil has sulphur-containing compounds, and other useful compounds. It contains enzymes including allinase, B vitamins, and minerals flavonoids. Garlic is anti-microbial, diaphoretic which has the power to increase perspiration, cholagogue: The agent that causes an increased flow of bile into the intestine, it is hypotensive, and anti-spasmodic. The volatile oil in Garlic, is an effective agent excreted via the lungs, hence it aids in infections of the respiratory system such as chronic bronchitis, respiratory catarrh, recurrent colds and influenza.. Helpful in the treatment of whooping-cough and bronchitic asthma. Garlic generally used as a preventative for most infectious conditions of the digestive and respiratory system. For the digestive tract it has been found that Garlic will support the development of the natural bacterial flora whilst killing pathogenic organisms In addition to these amazing properties, Garlic has an international reputation for lowering both blood pressure, blood cholesterol levels and improving the health of the cardio-vascular system. Experiments have indicated that the essential oil of Garlic is distinctly hypo-lipidemic, which is a lipid-lowering drug (LLD), it has the fat reducing, action in both healthy people and patients with coronary heart disease. An interesting use of Garlic is in ear ache. Slice a clove of garlic, heat briefly in a small amount of virgin olive oil, and let it cool, strain the mixture then use a drop of two in the affected ear Make an Ointment out of garlic. Use a clove of Garlic for wounds, cuts, athlete's foot, or any external skin irruption, or infection. Also, try a few drops of the Oil on a toothache to relieve pain.. Use Garlic on wounds, ulcers, skin infections, flu, athlete's foot, on viruses such as the strep, worms, respiratory ailments, high blood pressure, for blood thinning, cancer of the stomach, colic, colds, kidney problems, and bladder problems. Garlic is believed to cure worms in both people and animals. Garlic is scientifically-proven to possess medicinal properties. Nelson Brunton. naturalhealingcentretalktalk**** www.naturalhealingcentre.blogspot****
12 Oct 2009
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Highlights from the 2008 international rules game at subiaco
15 Jan 2010
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*******molinosdepontenoval.googlepages**** Dos antiguos molinos de río decorados con modernidad y situados en un enclave excepcional. Dos viviendas singulares en un paraje único, una forma cómoda e independiente de hacer turismo o simplemente descansar: con el sosiego del campo pero muy cerca de las playas, con el aislamiento necesario y la tranquilidad de un pequeño núcleo rural. Estratégicamente situados para conocer las Rías Altas gallegas.
4 Apr 2009
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